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  1. d0dsky

    Hallo everyone :)

    Hi! Welcome!
  2. d0dsky

    Free Premium Quality WordPress Themes

    nice shares.. ty
  3. d0dsky

    Which is your favorite Gaming Company?

    NCSoft Ofc.
  4. d0dsky

    Default Web Site Page and can not access to cpanel

    I have the same problem too
  5. d0dsky

    my site! pc guidelk

    nice adoption! CMS rolzz...
  6. d0dsky

    Please review my website and forum

    suggestion to the bottom background, white space, you can cut the last dark gradient of your background and get the HEX color code for it, and add to your CSS body properties background color to replace the background color
  7. d0dsky

    Please Review my Site (Again)

    very good site!
  8. d0dsky

    Post your specs

    I don't have to type anything, picture don't lie :happysad:
  9. d0dsky

    Asking for review!

    hmmm... OK! I'll deactivate it. :D, if x10hosting staff review my site.. above link is broken, new Link Playlister
  10. d0dsky

    A bug

    can you make example?
  11. d0dsky

    Asking for review!

    hmmm.... I didn't put download, only for streaming, and I didn't store it to the host its self, the music URL only linked.
  12. d0dsky

    Asking for review!

    Hello! please review my site if this fit the rules of x10hosting, its better admin to see it and review if I'm not violating the rules, "IF YES", I would be welling to deactivate the site! short review: footer ==== PHP, DHTML, Javascript, MySQL Support © 2010 Allright Reserved, Powered by...
  13. d0dsky

    Come visit!

    welcome! but you are in wrong section!
  14. d0dsky

    Help with drop downmenu!

    Hello guys! here I am again! I've done my system working, now I have a problem with this approached. somebody help me what script I would use to populate the content of the second drop down menu with mysql query, to be available when I select some Artist name from the first drop down menu...
  15. d0dsky

    help with apache and mysql issue

    thanks man! I really appreciate your response! my system is now running!
  16. d0dsky

    help with apache and mysql issue

    hello guys! I don't know if its okay to ask this question here, it seems x10hosting is the best hosting site I ever encounter, but I just want to ask if what version of Apache and MySQL would be compatible to the x10hosting flat form, because before I upload my files and SQL to x10hosting, I...
  17. d0dsky

    cPanel skin

    of curz I like it! :D
  18. d0dsky

    Who Here Grabbed Windows 7?

    I do not agree with you! sometimes, firefox is better than the IE8 its depend upon the situation. and the compatibility of the website you visit.. I have a list of site that you can download the Windows 7 pre-activation.. both 64bit and 32bit.. but I don't know if it is allowed here to post them..?