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  1. mrxp_anupam

    What is the Best AntiVirus?

    I use Avast and found it to be really helpful. The best thing is that it does not take much space and memory itself
  2. mrxp_anupam

    Loads of Javascript Help

    If you need some good Javascript codes for your site. Try and check this site: You will find a loads of goodies which are separated into different categories. You can also get some AJAX based tickers and all. Enjoy
  3. mrxp_anupam

    Image transition effects for IE

    You can get some more of them in dynamicdrive. Check them... they are good
  4. mrxp_anupam

    Need Some Ideas on Building an Online Community

    I think.. you can go with PHP / MySQL. PHP will help you with resizing your photos and making them small. I am sure you will need this since people may post huge pics. You can have MySQL to handle all database. AJAX is a good way to make your site more efficient. Let me know if you need more...
  5. mrxp_anupam

    cpanel filemanager problem

    I think the problem is with the internet browser that you use. Try using some other user and check. I do not face this problem normally.
  6. mrxp_anupam

    Buying Custom WebTemplate For 4000 X10 Credits!!!!

    Well... any web template that you want. I can create perfectly for you. Please let me know exactly what is your requirement and then I will go accordingly. Thank you
  7. mrxp_anupam

    Latest signature tags

    They are really great work man. Do you use Adobe Photoshop or some other tools?
  8. mrxp_anupam

    Can't login to cPanel

    i can always log in to the same. Do one thing... Login to with your id and check if your id is suspended due to some reason
  9. mrxp_anupam

    My Name

    There is a huge glowy thing... Try and make it a bit simple and cleaner
  10. mrxp_anupam

    My little tutorial on fast, easy, good-looking graphics.

    Hey its a nice little tutorial. But i feel its too simple.. Any way thanks
  11. mrxp_anupam

    Looking for photoshop uh... "guru"

    Let me know of you still need some help. Also let me know what kinda help do you want!!! Edit: I hope I can help you with enough tutorials and other materials. I think you can use other tools as well.
  12. mrxp_anupam

    PHP FlowMap

    What exactly do you want??? What is a flow map???
  13. mrxp_anupam

    Wordpress mag

    Sorry... broken link!!!!!!!!!
  14. mrxp_anupam

    Joomla ?

    Hi, You can use the Joomala, but you dont need. You can do this simply using cookies.
  15. mrxp_anupam

    Project Preview.

    Hey.. I think there is another post with this same site. Anyway, you could do this a bit more "gorgeous" Take care
  16. mrxp_anupam

    Shiri Appleby Sig

    Hello, You are too good... How did you do this? You can well write a tutorial on this!!! All the best for all your future in this...
  17. mrxp_anupam

    Div Float problem...

    You have two options: firstly use the CSS as below: if you are placing it is a outside CSS sheet: #divid { position: absolute; bottom: 0; z-index: 10; } and this would be your div tag: <div id="divid"> divid in interchangeable, just make sure you also change it in the css and html and there...
  18. mrxp_anupam

    Graphic Signature?

    \Just one suggestion!!! Your signature have too many sharp corners. try to reduce that and then I am sure it will be good to look at. Sorry If I am hurting you, just said what I felt. thank you,
  19. mrxp_anupam

    GLOW: a new theme cover

    Hey its good but very contrasting... Why dont you change the colour such that the contrast is less and the image is more soothing to eyes. Anyway its indeed a good image but you can ofcourse do better... Try to use some of the advanced tools like Jasc Paintshop Pro or Adobe Photoshop. this...
  20. mrxp_anupam

    DAZ Studio v2.3.3.89

    Its good... Thanks for the link