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    well, the best i could tell you is everything is SLOW. basically sometimes i can get into the cPanel, but mostly i get unreliable use out of it things don't open right and if i sat around long enough to see it i don't even remember because i've had so many errors messing with it that it's not...
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    Account Panel and Signups

    I have ie8. I use also windows xp. I couldn't get it to work on windows 7 ie8 either. in fact, the private message you sent to me got to me, but i couldn't respond. it just said i didn't have permission to. so i'm writing you back the only way i know how. Edit: I tried it on google chrome...
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    Account Panel and Signups

    I go to my account panel, and there is a thing there that says important information regarding my account is available. so you click it and it does nothing. it's targeted to my account id*(Not sure if you need it) is: MMP1011237 i wonder why it isn't...