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  1. varunrai

    Account Suspended

    Hi, I am not sure what has happened but my account was working and suddenly the account was suspended. What was the reason for suspension? and can it be unsuspended now.
  2. varunrai

    Account Suspended

    But this has already been done. That is how i got the queue id.
  3. varunrai

    Account Suspended

    Hi, Can anyone help me with this? As i submitted the request 2-3 days back for the unsuspension but till now my account is suspended. your suspension reason code is A63529C6D672 your account's queue id code is: 10FC3CB Thanks, Varun
  4. varunrai

    Batch File

    Hi, I am not sure if am posting in the correct section. But what I want to know that I have a Console App (i.e DOS App) and when I run that file it is asking for some inputs. I wish to know is there any way i can create a batch script to automate the entry of the Application. Well I know I can...
  5. varunrai

    Waitin for the Review

    is possible let me know which are the dead links.. because i have checked and could not find any.. thanks..
  6. varunrai

    Review My Site

    well you site is ok.. u shud improve ur site in terms of using a clean layout. I can tell u a few things.. first decide wat kind of layout u want. probably for layouts u can google it or use YUI.. secondly try to use more of CSS..
  7. varunrai

    Waitin for the Review

    Please review my site Thanks,
  8. varunrai

    how to make search engine friendly website

    next step after doing all this is.. create a xml site map.. (there are many online tools to create.. Google it!) .. submit your site to the search engines.. Google, Yahoo.. Etc.
  9. varunrai

    Is joomla suitable for a blog Posted: Thu Dec 18, 2008 4:36 pm

    well i tink joomla can be used as a blog.. a small example is my website.. i made it kinda a blog but nt exactly.. u can get da link frm my signature.. i tink Joomla wud do well as u can install many extension / modules.. which can facilitate rich UI features..
  10. varunrai

    i need some help with finding a good fourms for my site

    I tink u shud give a try to the web.. .. where u cn try differ cms.. which includes forums also.. so u dont need to install to c hw is it..
  11. varunrai

    automatic search result showing link

    Google Custom Search Engine.. is the answer.. You can create your own search engine for your website or any content on the internet. A bit of programming is required. Probably if u require let me know.. I have some scripts which i used.. ;)
  12. varunrai

    Link Exchange

    Hi, Would like to exchange link for blogs, tutorial, knowledge engineering, anything related to IT. Thanks,
  13. varunrai

    (pls need help)Want to add in php and ruby (2programs)?

    Input: 12345 = 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 = 15 = 1 + 5 = 6 Output: 6 I want to get the above mentioned output in php and ruby. can anyone pls help me. im new to php
  14. varunrai

    JA Shopping II template

    hey thnx for the file.. :)
  15. varunrai

    review my template

    the template is nice .. I really like it but the best way to improve it wud be makin the height of the middle table more. It will look more gud and professional. :)
  16. varunrai

    Joomla or Drupal - better software design?

    one thing I forgot to mention. There is one website called You can try out all these CMS over there to check which one can be useful for you. Mostly they have all the CMS installed on their server so before actually installing on ur system you can try there also. Thanks, Varun
  17. varunrai

    Rate my template

    really good. but i would think the only place the text problem is under left navigation(under latest news and match history). its a bit hard to read. only thing wud b the background. Rest its very good.
  18. varunrai

    plz i need help

    The site does not look professional. The first thing it should relate to what you do, if you want to make some business purpose for it. As soon i entered the site, I found that its too flashy. Even the colours pinching my eyes. And it looked more of a website for advertisement(those usual ones...
  19. varunrai

    Unable to change to my owned Domain

    I was using an addon domain as .. and changed the DNS servers to and After 3 days also the same was not working. I read in the post that I will have to change it through the account manager panel. First i removed the parked domain. Then tried...
  20. varunrai

    Change X10 Sub-Domain to Your Owned Domain

    When i tried updating .. I got the following error An Error Has Occurred Whoops, it appears that there was an error modifying your domain. The errors are listed below. * Whm error: account package id no longer exists in the panel. (code modifydomain_1) You may attempt to correct...