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    .htacces index.php

    i ment with all .php files but thanks anyway
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    .htacces index.php

    Hello, i have a question, i want that index.php changed into index only without php i did it once but i lost that htacces file can someone help me? thanks ;;BH;;
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    I am suspended?

    sorry for asking but what is terminated?
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    I am suspended?

    so i can't get a unsuspension?
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    I am suspended?

    vBulletin? what is that if i can ask? as i have told someone who i know from school is an hacker he hates me and he has hacked me wesley
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    suspesion removal needed

    hey i have that to i didnt used a nulled script thats weird maybe a server fault?wesley
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    I am suspended?

    i only uploaded an image but not a nulled script i dont use it i know its not allowed and my website is for a game clan so please unban me wesley
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    I am suspended?

    i am suspended for nulled scripts? i dont use nulled scripts if i can be unsuspended ill imidately change my password Wesley
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    Website Down + cant login into cpanel

    solved thanks wrong pw xD
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    Website Down + cant login into cpanel

    Hello i cant login into Cpanel Login Attempt Failed! can someone help me? please
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    Online Radio On X10Hosting

    ow xD didn't know that but thanks for the info wesley
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    Installing ShoutCast Server

    wow cool and thanks! im gonna do that i already have a radio at wesley
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    How to make a free Broadcasting server

    i dont get it can i put shoutcast DNAS at my website from x10hosting? wesley
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    Online Radio On X10Hosting

    wow cool so i can put a server at my website? or isnt that allowed?
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    Radio for my site

    i want a radio at my site i use Shoutcast but can i put a program at my website just like has i want my own radio and not from because they have 12/7 uptime
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    Make A Website

    I sometimes use HTML Kit its a fine programm its easy and quick to install
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    can't install programs on windows 7

    @cammeron12 Maybe its the anti virus programm try a different one i use AVG Internet security it is a good programm and it has his own firewall Before buying AVG Internet security try AVG Free
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    Which domain is better?

    i have a .tk website ( and you can host it here just the same as
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    What Flash is for

    i like flash you can make nice websites with flash i cant make things with flash you can let things move with flash i like that wesley
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    The best site I ever Surfed!

    the best site i ever surfed are because i host my website here and because i like music wesley