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    Please review my site!

    Im not to advanced in making an intro but if you got any examples to show me it would be great, But thanks for the idea =]
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    Please review my site!

    Please can you tell me how i can improve my site? Constructive critisism please. Thank you.
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    [60points] Sign-up to Project Torque

    Sorry but you shouldnt of downloaded anything.... My site is a car club not a game, should take you to an x107 website designed by me if you have done this, i would of seen that you had signed up. Please try again so you can i can send you the points...
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    [60points] Sign-up to Project Torque

    Sign-up to this site and gain yourself an extra 50points, Also for every constructive you post in the forums, i will give you an extra 10points (Use this one as the main form of getting to the site) Main domain (offline for now but may be working by...
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    [20points] Sign-up and one post to confirm

    offer open again but 50points now
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    Project - Torque Car Club Site - Improvements?

    I would like to get your ideas on my site before i release it fully to the public, What do you think needs changing, all the site is designed by me and unique designed. I want all aspects considered. Like Loading time, Looks, Ideas, Infomation need, Design, Usage, Simple? Anyway Take a look...