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  1. yamiX

    Game Development Group Needs some help

    *Lurks topic also* Being on a GameDev team myself, I can throw a couple of names out there but really it depends on the game you're working on, what types of games you see yourselves working on and what brings the team together. Though for an odd name to throw on out there, IntraDrive Games...
  2. yamiX

    18 year age restriction on spores online functions!

    Easiest way to deal with it and in the case of doing actual business, prevents the lawsuit drama so it's win, win on the easy street. If people grew up a little more and parents were more responsible, things would be different. Alas, it's not =/
  3. yamiX

    What kind of games do you play??

    RPG, Fighting/Beat em up, Arcade, Adventure(Text Based), Action