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  1. Chris S

    What OS is your phone running

    awesome, i'm talking with Bryon about a (right now) SIMPLE android app (nothing definite) and it looks like android was the way to go
  2. Chris S

    What OS is your phone running

    I just want to find something out. What OS is your phone running?
  3. Chris S

    Disk Space Policy Change

    I'm not sure of the exact setup here, but I know in different production environments, you can chain hard drives together. So what was 4 2TB drives now becomes 8TB of storage.
  4. Chris S

    Is there a way to blacklist MAC addresses?

    And it is rare, but there can be duplicate MAC addresses out there. I'll edit with a picture if I can find it, but I saw one where a guy had two NICs in his hand with different serials, but the same MAC
  5. Chris S

    CO.CC was blocked in Google. Was it a right move?

    It's not a bad idea, according to an ICANN conference in singapore, and domains are two of the most abused services. (APWG Global Phishing Survey 2H2010) Page 6: Page 8: Here is a chart showing the avg. up times for the domains...
  6. Chris S


    Welcome, you will have a good time, this company cares for their users
  7. Chris S

    how do you make a page only accessable after a certain time?

    not to sound rude or anything...can you explain why that won't always work? I mean you said several reasons...and then just went on explaining your method and not backing up your claim. So as a learning experience for me, what are the reasons that this won't work.
  8. Chris S

    how do you make a page only accessable after a certain time?

    another way you can do it is this way if(strtotime('now') >= strtotime('3:15 pm')){ }else{ echo 'I am sorry, you are not allowed to view this page.'; } granted, I am not sure how well that will work or even if it will work.
  9. Chris S

    New Music Site-Free music form some Chicago music producers.

    1)i would suggest this topic to actually be under the review my site area but o looks good, i have two suggestions 1. possibly remove the admin link...not really the best idea to have it there 2. See if you could a)increase the width of your page or decrease the width of the...
  10. Chris S

    Zend in x10hosting

    if x10 doesn't support it, you can download the zend framework and zend optimizer versions for free and upload it yourself. That may not be what you are looking for, but it is worth a shot
  11. Chris S

    Simple html drop down menus

    no problem...glad i could help good luck with your site
  12. Chris S

    Simple html drop down menus

    here is one that is more slimmed down. <script type="text/javascript"> function redirectPage(dropdownID){ var menuOption = document.getElementById(dropdownID).value; if(menuOption != 'nothing'){ window.location = menuOption; } } </script> <select id="dropdown" size="1"...
  13. Chris S

    browser block script

    just wondering...why exactly would you want to do that? you can try this script. Many people don't actually do this because people can spoof what browser they are running. you might do something like this $browser =...
  14. Chris S

    Simple html drop down menus

    I would try the second one posted, if you want, I can look into fixing the version, but like I suggested, I would try the other one.
  15. Chris S

    Simple html drop down menus

    Here is something that I found online...not sure how well it will work, but it is worth a shot <script type="text/javascript"> var selectmenu=document.getElementById("mymenu") selectmenu.onchange=function(){ var chosenoption=this.options[this.selectedIndex] if...
  16. Chris S

    PHP help

    you sure that is the right link? when I visited that, it was a 404 page. Don't know if you did or not, but make sure you upload to your public_html folder
  17. Chris S

    Simple html drop down menus

    do you want it so that when they chose the drop down it redirects them to a new page, or do you want them to have to submit the form and it will redirect them to a new page. The first can be done in javascript and the second can be done in php or most any other programming language
  18. Chris S

    1000 Post

    I am one of the older accounts, Corey created this on my birthday in 2004 and I joined 3 months or so later. So what ever accounts are older then mine I have no idea. I have no idea if I am going to achieve x10 spammer...who knows
  19. Chris S

    Guess Who's Back...Back Again

    who knows who knows...the real reason i never got back in is because things just happened and I never got back
  20. Chris S

    Guess Who's Back...Back Again

    Well...after leaving and coming back and then leaving again...I am back again...maybe I will stick around enough to see if a job position comes open again...I did used to be a coder/account manager here a long time ago...