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  1. digital_island73

    Review my page please, looking for a better simple board maybe?

    Hi, Site is taking too much time to load, to big to view in small monitor, could be better if can re-size the width
  2. digital_island73

    Review my newly developed blog and give suggestion

    I like that the forum is specialized and original. In my humble opinion, the categories and the forum itself is created by the users wile they are posting, I made one the mistake to create the categories for the topics I wanted to talk but none did it, it was always and empty space. Hope this is...
  3. digital_island73

    look at my web site

    The web site looks nice, but the work you are presenting is much better, thumbs up! I am not saying this because I have a question: what are you using to show in the photography & 3d to have after and before? I like that effect!
  4. digital_island73

    My Blog on Ubuntu 11.04

    Check your link you are linking to http://http// your link should be this is working I believe need to fix the first post to avoid errors, link on second is working
  5. digital_island73

    Which is your favourite CMS ?

    I was using Joomla after reviewing some free CMS before, now for some things I believe Wordpress is better.
  6. digital_island73

    Who Here Grabbed Windows 7?

    I am currently using windows 7 ultimate 64 bits, I believe is a stable OS you can rely, but is very expensive and there is other OS that can match your needs and free of charge. Beside the cost we pay for this OS I think is fast and good enough. If I could find some applications on Linux I will...
  7. digital_island73

    Hello world!

    Thank you! Nice to verify there is live here.
  8. digital_island73

    Hello world!

    Hello Everyone, I am what I believe the latest one to sign in, at the moment I am happy with what I found here and I am sure I will continue happy because I will find more things in this community. I kindly offer you in order to support your projects my experience on web design and hosting...