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  1. josenain

    Any word on if Mono is working?

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had any information on whether Mono is working at x10. I'm on Cossacks, and I still cannot run a .aspx page. (I've read the tutorial for setting up the site by the way....) Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. josenain

    How's my website?

    Yeah, I agree with Boss is Best. You're web site design looks really sleek, but you're load time is a little long. I would recommend not resizing you're images in HTML, but rather lowering their size in a image editor, like photoshop, and uploading that to the server. For more information...
  3. josenain

    How to get ASP.Net to work at x10Hosting

    And I'm pretty sure it's not working on Cossacks either. Mono is probably done in every server at x10.
  4. josenain

    Problem hosting ASP.NET on Cossacks

    Hi, I tried what you said by deleting all my aspx files and following the instructions, but I still get a blank page. I'm starting to think there is a problem with Mono affecting all of the servers... Thanks
  5. josenain

    Problem hosting ASP.NET on Cossacks

    Hi everyone, I recently started uploading onto x10hosting an site. However, whenever I try to access it I either get a blank page or an xml error. I'm using the server Cossacks. I've been looking through forums and have been noticing that the administrators are fixing problems with...