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  1. coolyac21

    Horror in my life !!!

    Hello, Please this is not a muslim or a chretian problem. It's a problem of a president who lost election and refusing to go. His supporters and the members of his ethnic group are killing every body who do not back them!!!!! Horrible video, a man killed in Yopougon with stones . yopougon is a...
  2. coolyac21

    Horror in my life !!!

    Hello friends; Today 03/08/2011:Treichville Women's March: 4 Shot Dead Today After March in Treichville, 2 injured as Police & 1 civilian open fire. Note:Treichville is a sector of the capital Abidjan. We are now in a urban guerilla made by some soldiers not backing the dictator and called...
  3. coolyac21

    Horror in my life !!!

    Hey guys; Do you remember RWANDA ?!!? The same things are being here too! The dictator's ethnic youth is burning alive persons of other ethnic groups and strangers...: They are also looting and burning the elected...
  4. coolyac21

    Horror in my life !!!

    Hello, Already done for electricity, he has the control on nrg and water. He cuts them in some regions of the country, or in some sectors of the town for a week when he wants. My ISP is "MTN" a south african republic enterprise that the president Jacob Zuma supports the dictator, that's why...
  5. coolyac21

    Horror in my life !!!

    Hey friends All banks are closed and is becoming very difficult to have money and necessary goods. I have no way to run away ; millicias at all cross roads. But i'm not affraid at all. I think i must stay here to fight peacefuly for DEMOCRACY with my friends and relatives. If the dictator wins...
  6. coolyac21

    Horror in my life !!!

    Thank you man. Yesterday (03/03/2010),they killed 7 women again by the same way; It's horrible !!!
  7. coolyac21

    Horror in my life !!!

    We are living hard days here... There were elections in my country ( Cote d'ivoire), after the results the looser refuses to step down. And his millicia men are shooting fire at protesting people with AK47 and RPG7! Here is what happened today 02/21/2011...
  8. coolyac21


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    500 Internal Server Error !!!

    Hello; When connecting to my site hosted on BORU , I'm returned this message : 500 Internal Server Error nginx/0.7.67 Some times it connects but the pictures are badly affected ! This problem began today and still exist after delating coockies or cashes etc... If someone can help ...
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    CPANEL access for ??

    HELLo and great thanks for COREY and others who worked hard for us! Probleme: I can access my site: But i can't log into cpanel because i was on " FRIS "; Where am i now and how to access cpanel ? *My posts are rejected by vb saying: bad forum...etc... regards.
  16. coolyac21

    Cpanel access for:

    Hello & great thanks for COREY and other admins who worked hard for us!!! Very poud of you! I can access But, can't access CPANEL... I was on "FRIS", where am i now? warm regards.
  17. coolyac21

    Hello, how do you understand this: Active accounts from Fris will be restored to Chopin\Boru ?

    Hello, how do you understand this: Active accounts from Fris will be restored to Chopin\Boru ?
  18. coolyac21

    Fris ?!?

    my problems still exist, if fris is on, i can't access anything!!! Help???
  19. coolyac21

    Fris ?!?

    Hello, Just want to know if fris is down or not, cause i can't connect to it! Thanks.
  20. coolyac21

    Strange !!

    Hello! It's me again, now, nothing can be accessed! -the site, -site/admin, -cpanel, each of them returns a server error like: Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator...