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  1. alex.vizitiu32

    Account suspension

    my account is suspeded , because i hadn't had the time to visit the forum once a month could you please activite my account?
  2. alex.vizitiu32

    Hosting Account Suspension

    Hello, thees days i've updated my <a href="">website</a> to the latest versions for the wordpress plugin. Immediately my account was suspended because of high resource usage. My question is how can i prevent it? i mean , i will not be able to do plugin updates on...
  3. alex.vizitiu32

    Wordpress help

    i managed to install wordpress manually with no problem... this free host rocks :) sorry for the double-posting
  4. alex.vizitiu32

    Wordpress help

    i guess on the free account you do not have the possibilty to install wordpress because in cPanel in software/services i only have optimize software is it possible to manual install it??
  5. alex.vizitiu32

    Wordpress help

    Hello I've read on your page that you support wordpress installation but in cPanel i didn't found any 1-click installers or fantastico autoinstaller