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  1. tgonrah26

    Welcome! to my profile [IMG]

    Welcome! to my profile [IMG]
  2. tgonrah26

    What Programming Language should I learn?

    At first I learned html and parts of css (inline styles).Then I started with Javascript to make some effects in my site. Now I am learning php.I want to make pretty website for my online magazine.Am I on the right way?
  3. tgonrah26

    New begining

    Today I tried several times but again with no result.
  4. tgonrah26

    New begining

    I use FileZilla. When I try to delete these files it works normal and when the process is finished it show me empty folder but when I reload they are there again.
  5. tgonrah26

    New begining

    I already tried. There are files from Wordpress that I cant delete. I successfully uninstall it with Fantastico but these files and folders are still there. I try to remove them with File Manager, Legacy File Manager and Disc Space Usage sections but without visible result.
  6. tgonrah26

    New begining

    How to delete all files in my website, subdomain, installed software and other things to start again? I have problem with wordpress and I want to delete everything.
  7. tgonrah26

    Fantastico software uninstall

    I install wordpress in my site and my subdomains by Fantastico.After a while I deside to uninstall it and I used Fantastico again but when I open File Manager the files were still there.I try to delete them manual but again - no result.What should I do?I cant remove them.
  8. tgonrah26

    Huge List Of Free MMO Games

    All products of Aeria Games are wonderful.You already mentioned Last Chaos and Shaiya but I want to add one more -Kingdom of Heroes. You also can try Sherwood Dungeon by Maid Marian.This is a 3D game that is played in the browser and it requires Adobe Shockwave player, but I'm sure that you...
  9. tgonrah26

    Star Craft 2!!

    One of the best games of Blizzard
  10. tgonrah26

    Whats The Last Game You Bought?

    Dragon Age: Origins, very good game
  11. tgonrah26

    Which is your favorite Gaming Company?

    I like Haemimont games, Activision and EA.Atari also make good games but these days they have too many problems.
  12. tgonrah26

    GotRE, Imperium Romanum and Grand Ages Rome

    What do you think about these three games?The third looks like combination of the first two.Is that true?
  13. tgonrah26

    What do you think of cod black ops??

    All Call of Duty games are perfect, especially COD 2.It was the best game for its time.
  14. tgonrah26

    A Very Happy Member

    I tried many web hosts, but all had some problems. You are perfect!