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  1. iearn.tk54

    Problem: Account Pending

    mine also activated in 5 min but now there is more server load on x10 so may be its prob. they have stped regs..
  2. iearn.tk54

    Java Help ?

    its javascript and what enhancement i add ? plz suggest me & provide the script to past in my <head> tags and if javascript is not enabled in browser it should give a message and site should not load. ---------- Post added at 02:37 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:27 PM ---------- okz...
  3. iearn.tk54

    Java Help ?

    I need to make my site only for java enabled browser so if java is enabled in the browser then no prob. site will work normall otherwise it will display an message that ur browser is not java enabled and site dosent loads. plz tell me what script or what shout i add to my html or php...
  4. iearn.tk54

    Urgent Issue

    my site is not opening it displays cloudflar error : says server is down it is on chopin server please help me out
  5. iearn.tk54

    website not opening [CloudFlare : server down]

    my site is not opening it displays cloudflar error : says server is down it is on chopin server please help me out
  6. iearn.tk54

    rtmp ??????????/

    hi, i hope i posted this in the right place. but does x10hosting have RTMP, because i wanted to add a PHP script and it requires RTMP. if x10hosting does have rtmp what would the server be <? $rtmp_server="rtmp://??????????.com"; ?> Please Help me :(
  7. iearn.tk54

    Help Plz

    so is there any script available which i can modify and use ??????
  8. iearn.tk54

    Help Plz

    master is not defined both are master as 50% users register on 1 forum and 50% on other plz help me out i am not able to make out the settings from above links plz help
  9. iearn.tk54

    Help Plz

    I have 2 SMF forum hosted on 2 diff servers i need to create automatic username and pass to another forum if user registers to 1 of it and the username and pass created on other forum should be same as the user creates plz help me. i saw this type of functioning in x10hosting forum when we...
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    Review Mine
  11. iearn.tk54

    Review my classified ad site.

    good site with nice content......
  12. iearn.tk54

    Internet Marketers, Online money makers join in.

    really nice website i liked it
  13. iearn.tk54

    Could you review my site?

    good site with nice content......
  14. iearn.tk54

    Review my site

    good site with nice content...... ya translation is not working.
  15. iearn.tk54

    Please review my Blog

    good site with nice content......
  16. iearn.tk54

    email problem

    i thought that it was the problem of user thats y i just suggested to check 4 cpanel fxn n was not aware about the firewall prob. okz dear.....
  17. iearn.tk54

    Space Travel

    i also heard the concept of anti gravity somewhere may be it can relate ..] ---------- Post added at 11:48 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:45 AM ---------- i also wants 2 travel in space i have also read many interviews about it and see some videos sounds interesting :)
  18. iearn.tk54

    If you travel faster than light, what happens?

    let us try hahahhaha bit difficult que u can just do it theoretically practically may be not possible
  19. iearn.tk54

    Google+ vs Facebook

    i like google+ also catching fire in India