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  1. motokruisers

    Account login

    I can't seem to login to my accout on this site. It says "The Account Panel is temporarily down, if you want to upgrade/downgrade/make changes to your account please post in the support forum. Thanks!" and can't login to cpanel either. Did the cpanel address changed again?
  2. motokruisers

    cant login cpanel

    Can't seem to view get on cpanel for 3 days now. Did the address cahange? what is the cpanel login site adress again?
  3. motokruisers

    Coppermine gallery error

    I dont know what happend , but my coppermine gallery gives an error when uploading pictures. It says "Critical Error" "There was an erroro while processing a database query" anyone know a solution to this? It just happend sudenly and I also already updated the software, but that didnt help.
  4. motokruisers

    ip ban

    Hey guys I want to ip ban a member on my forum. how do I find his ip? i got to a post he made and look at ip on the corner and he seems to have differnt ip for all his post. so how do i get his main one?
  5. motokruisers

    cpanel link

    can anyone give me the login link to cpanel the one im using since day one seems to be dead now. thanks
  6. motokruisers

    proper way to backup site

    hwy guys i just have quick question. when say your site got hacked or you want to move your site to a different server, which backups to you have to download so when you restore it. it will restore back to normal like nothing happened? is the home directory backup and mysql backup are all you need?
  7. motokruisers

    help with email

    hey guys i need a liitle help. im giving one of my members an email address the question is how is he going to check his mail? i can't give him my CP username and pass so can anyone help me. what does the auto responder do?
  8. motokruisers

    message from corey

    hi can anyone PM me the message the Corey sent to everyone regarding that we have to sign up again or something. i accidentaly close the window and didn't get to read the whole thing. thanks
  9. motokruisers

    wordpress help

    hi guys i need a little help. i think its time for my home page to have a blog now im installing wordpress thru fantastico. after install it in the without putting a sub directory because i want it to come out when i type the site. the problem is after i install it i dont see it...
  10. motokruisers

    pls help me add an ad

    can anyone pls. help me put an ad in my homepage and in my phpbb forum
  11. motokruisers


    hey guys i want to put a gallery in my website but i saw this website gallery style and i like it he has a recent pics on the main page and the gallery page its like a forum format. check it out what gallery did he use is this in fantastico?
  12. motokruisers

    ads ?

    hey first of i want to say thank you for hosting me. i have a couple of questions first i just bought a domain name and i would like to use as the root and not how would i go about doing that? second if its possible i have an x10advanced account but can i...
  13. motokruisers

    filezilla help

    man i need help im new to this ftp thing. im trying to login to my account thru ftp so i can install phpbb skin but im seem to be having a noob problem with filezilla how exactly do you connect? what do you put for address,user,password,port? i put address: User: my...
  14. motokruisers

    ps to dw help

    hey guys do you knowany websites that have tutorials to transfer your photoshop work into dreamweaver to make it into useable website. like i use photoshop to design my website but i dont know how to use dreamweaver to make it work like the links and how to post it on the web i think you use...
  15. motokruisers

    hi guys im new and i have a ?

    hey guys im new here and currently im having problem with my free forum host which is no customer service whatsoever, i wanted to backup my datbase because i wanna move to a more reliable and better host but they seem to not wanna help me so even though my forum is getting bigger...