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  1. ƒorte

    Keyword Script - 650 points

    Hi there, Mike here. I know it's been awhile but you know I'll never forget about x10hosting's awesome forums. I am in.. well not really need but I would like... a keyword script. This script is pretty simple.. I need a small text box and a "Go!" button. When someone types in a word or...
  2. ƒorte

    2 Offers

    Offer Number One: For 60 Points :naughty: 1. Go here: 2. Sign up. Make Sure I'm referring you. (PokerCardMail as referrer) 3. Confirm your email and log back in. Bonus: Cash out any number of chips (6000 - 20000) and I'll give you 2,000 points. Offer...
  3. ƒorte

    [OFF] David Blaine's Mega Magic!

    Learn the secrets of David Blaine himself! Get the Mega Magic E-Book today! I'm currently selling this for a low price of $0.48 on But I'm willing to sell it to x10hosting members here for just 200 points! Post here after donating the 200 points, and I'll PM you the zip file...
  4. ƒorte

    [OFF] 300 Points to Complete a Free Offer!

    Note: If you have ever joined one of the "ThisStuffIsFree Network" sites, you must select an offer you have not ever done before. If you'd like an easy 300 points, simply do the following: 1) Join This50buxisFree. 2) Complete any free offer. I recommend the iWon registration, as it credits...
  5. ƒorte

    The Million Dollar Link Page

    I bet you've all heard about Alex Tew's Million Dollar Hompage. He made a fortune selling Pixels. Now I'm going to sell Links. The Million Dollar Link Page We have 97 Link Slots open. You can buy any slot for just $0.01 Paypal. Promote Promote Promote!! :) I want to make this big...
  6. ƒorte

    ~30 Points~ Join and Make 10+ Posts

    Check out my Forums at! We're a new community from Troy, MI, and are expanding here to start! Join and make 10 or more posts and I'll give you 30 points. Be really active and I'll give you 100 points and 100 poker chips! (see the site) Comments & Suggestions...
  7. ƒorte

    W00T! Lottery Jackpot!

    lol I just have to write about this... okay, on May 18th, this is the lottery ticket history: 6) Buy Lottery Ticket Lottery Name: Daily Lottery - Number of Tickets: 3 Vyriix 05-18-2006, 11:31 PM 309.00 7) Buy Lottery Ticket Lottery Name: Daily Lottery - Number of Tickets...
  8. ƒorte

    Any Good, Free FTP for Commercial Use?

    I wasn't sure where to put this so I went with here.. What's a good, free ftp client for a commercial user. The one I use know, SmartFTP, is only free for non-commercial use. Is there such thing as a free ftp for commercial use?
  9. ƒorte

    Which is the best domain name?

    I'm about to make a poker based paid2read email program and I was wondering which domain I should get... Here are some possibilities: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. If you can find any other...
  10. ƒorte

    Looking for a PTR Script

    Howdy, I'm wondering if anyone has access to a relatively cheap paid to read email script. I know about CashCrusader, but $80 is a bit high for my current budget :) If you can make me a script with most of the cash crusader script features, I can pay you many points and up to $25 if it works...
  11. ƒorte

    Offering 50 points and $10 to complete this...

    Offering $10 to complete this... If anyone's interested in earning $10 via PayPal, listen up! One more important thing! You must be from the US or Canada to complete the offer!! I'll give you the $10 once you sign up under me at and complete an offer. Some are free trials...
  12. ƒorte

    Installing/Using a Web Template / FTP

    Hey ya'll, I need some help regarding web templates. I know virtually nothing about them, and I can't find any tutorials on the subject. Here are a few questions I have: CSS Let's say I wanted to use this template from If...
  13. ƒorte

    The Pi Thread

    The Pi Thread The First 1500 Digits of Pi 3. 1415926535 8979323846 2643383279 5028841971 6939937510 5820974944 5923078164 0628620899 8628034825 3421170679 8214808651 3282306647 0938446095 5058223172 5359408128 4811174502 8410270193 8521105559 6446229489 5493038196 4428810975 6659334461...
  14. ƒorte

    Easy Earning! Check this out (no scam!)

    Hey there, I've seen a lot of scam sites out there, never paying their members and running off with the money, and I'm sick of it. Treasure Trooper is not a scam. You can seriously make money by completing surveys and registering with an old e-mail address you don't use anymore! I've...
  15. ƒorte Copied x10's logo!

    Looky here: Our logo was.. stolen??
  16. ƒorte

    Sign up and get 5 points!

    I'll give you five points to sign up at This site pays you 2-5 cents every time you look at a page for 20-40 seconds. Paypal is accepted and payout is at $25! I've already raked in $1.775 in an hour! Use this referal link so that I can give you the five points: My Link...
  17. ƒorte

    Who are all these guests?

    Nothin for nothin but how come we always have like four times as many guests as actual members on the forums? At this very moment, there are 31 Guests! Who are you people?!? What do you want with x10!? my nachos! you can't have any...
  18. ƒorte

    Text Reverse! Awesome!!

    Check this out: This awesome little thing reverses whatever text you put into the box! Great for secret messages and other fun crap. Try it out!
  19. ƒorte

    Calling all Photoshopists!

    Put a black feather around these images so that I can put them into a black background with ease and I will give you 30 points. Put all of these images into a black background without changing their size. and the attachments...
  20. ƒorte

    How can you set the scrolling?

    Silly question? But of course. I don't know how to say this right but I hope you get what I'm asking. How do you set the lengths for the sides of the screen in terms of scrolling. Everything that's over 800 pixels right now is moving down. How can I set my site to be in 1289 by 1024 instead...