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  1. sunveer

    cPanel 12

    ya sorry! I want to say the new version 11.32. I thought it was 12.
  2. sunveer

    cPanel 12

    Please upgrade the cPanel 11 to cPanel 12 for all free and paid services.
  3. sunveer

    FTP Synchronizer

    Which is the best ftp sync software to automatically upload files to the server when any change is made to the file on pc?
  4. sunveer

    Display Alternative

    How can I dynamically detect when my host is down and redirects to another site?
  5. sunveer

    Display Alternative

    How to display another site if the x10hosting's servers are down?
  6. sunveer

    Server lotus very slow

    Now fixed. See Service Alerts.
  7. sunveer

    Lotus is Down?!

    Then why isn't the Service Status updated to inform us what is happening and how much time will it take? We always remain in suspense.
  8. sunveer

    How do I change my main domain?

    You just add Parked Domain in cPanel.
  9. sunveer

    Delete account

    You just go to cPanel and add one Parked Domain & use it as your main domain. It will work like the way you want. I have also done that.
  10. sunveer

    No Ticket Support

    I had created a ticket in my portal but there is no response from 3 days. Though my problem has been sorted out the next day in the forums. This means the support tickets are not of any use.
  11. sunveer

    www not working

    Thanks it is working now.
  12. sunveer

    www not working is not working. However, is working fine. I have cleared cache, flushed DNS.
  13. sunveer

    What's This?

    Again changed to 512 MB
  14. sunveer

    Creating Support Ticket Error!

    Yes, it is solved now. Also mentioned in News & Announcements Section.
  15. sunveer

    Creating Support Ticket Error!

    When I clicked on 'Create Ticket' in my account portal, I encountered the following message : Fatal error: Class 'x10Kayako' not found in /home/corey/public_html/portal/inc/pages/ on line 52 I am on Lotus Server.
  16. sunveer

    Cloudflare Error

    I also got the same error message on my website stating that is already registered.
  17. sunveer

    What's This?

    I login my cPanel and found that my disk space has been changed to infinity. Though, I have read that for High Risk Countries, it's initially limited to 500 MB. Is this by mistake or anything else that my space has been changed?
  18. sunveer

    Suggest Design Changes

    What are you Saying???
  19. sunveer

    Suggest Design Changes

    Please review this page And suggest design changes to make my site look like a professional one.
  20. sunveer

    Change Domain Name to

    Please change my domain name to