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  1. wongers

    why can not access
  2. wongers

    You are all idiots! Go to the status page!!!

    If you are unhappy with the free service, either take your complaining fiasco of a website elsewhere. your other option to take up the paid service to improve stability and avoid these kinds of issues from occurring in the future. bottom line? put up or shut up.
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    Which Web Browser you like most?

    Chrome uses just as much memory as FF, id say more after you open a few tabs!
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    New thread cannot be posted on Off Topic?

  5. wongers

    Which Web Browser you like most?

    Firefox or Safari for me.
  6. wongers

    Social networking site that is not blocked in school.

    badly designed website, looks like a blog template. too many colours and different fonts used. your site is not clear on what it offers apart from the ability to steam a few music videos. will not be registering.
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    im sorry, can you please repeat that??
  8. wongers

    USB powered HUB

    you certainly didnt offend me, i found it to be a rather amusing story, i just wasnt sure what to do with all this information lol
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    Help me choose 1 PS3 Game

    Uncharted 3
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    USB powered HUB

    im not quite sure i understand the nature of this thread?
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    Any Gears Of War 3 players?

    i play GoW3, but i dont play a lot, i get on maybe twice a week, usually Saturday mornings and 1 maybe 2 nights during the week after work. im a casual player at about level 52, i think. interested?
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    Your Favorite PSX Games

  13. wongers

    Posting in forum once a month

    have you been browsing anononomnomoously (cant spell) or have you been logging in?? :-P
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    Will Anything Better Than the Ipad Ever be Made?

    its essentially a good idea for a universal house remote if you have the right gear in place. but i agree, a bit rubbish for "real work"
  15. wongers

    Spot the difference

    thats brilliant!!
  16. wongers

    The computer/setup infront of you..

    well my set up at work looks cool, but its not, it REALLY isnt. its horrible lol. its a Citrix Thin Client. my set up at home is the shiz but it looks messy and boring. ill priobs upload a pic of my home set up at some point, i do like the part where i have a 23" LCD and a 42" TV (using HDMI)...
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    How do you think I should promote my site?

    is this a free service/community or do you have to pay people to help you? i dont think i full understand the idea of this website.
  18. wongers

    Posting in forum once a month

    i dont see why its so difficult to take 5-10 minutes between working on your site to quickly log in to the X10 forums, maybe post in a game thread and then your done for a month. its a small price to pay for free web hosting, dont you think??
  19. wongers

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    im about 5 hours in to this game and i havent even finished the 2nd mission yet, im havnig too much fun running around exploring and collecting stuff!! i can see why they said this game should an average gamer 300 hours!!