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    Status on mail issue

    Is it still not working? I've since decided to change to paid hosting (somewhere else where I know they have good support), but I was curious if they ever got e-mail back up again. From the lack of response on this thread, it makes me think not.
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    I think it offers some great features, but I'm currently in the process of finding another free...

    I think it offers some great features, but I'm currently in the process of finding another free host that is more reliable. I'm getting sick of the tone on the forum ("it's a free service--be grateful for what you get"), and I'm getting sick of the constant problems that keep arising. I know...
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    Cant send mails

    They are currently working on the mail system. They've been working on it and I don't know if or when it'll be working again, but they are aware of the mail issues. It's been posted about on the status page here:
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    PHP PDO Problem

    Thank you, Corey! It's now recognizing the PDO class! I can change my code back now. :)
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    PHP PDO Problem

    Well, I lost patience and went ahead and changed every place that I used the PDO class to the old fashioned way of accessing the database. It was oh-so-fun, but worth it to make the website working again.
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    PHP PDO Problem

    Thanks for the reply, Skizzerz. What's the current status of fixing this problem (since it's been more than a couple of hours)?
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    PHP PDO Problem

    I'm having the same problem. I really don't want to have to change my code everywhere that I accessed the database using the PDO class, so I hoping this is fixed soon.
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    Can't Access My Site!

    It's fixed, but they must have upgraded or changed their installation of PHP, because now the pages where I access a database give the error that it can't find the PDO class I depend on. I assume and hope that they are in the process of adding the extensions and such they had previously...
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    Can't Access My Site!

    Just posting to say that my website is having the exact same issue, also on Starka. HTML pages are loading fine but the php pages aren't. I'd submit a support ticket but I doubt it'd do anything since it's obviously an issue with Starka.
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    about Starka ??

    radenko: What do you see when you open the file manager? Do you see your site still there along with a new folder that's empty? Or rather, what exactly is the problem with your site? What error comes up?
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    PHP/SMTP mail not working

    Thank you, Corey!
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    Response to feedback

    Are we still not supposed to make tickets about any of this things listed in this thread? I was under the impression that the maintenance was done, and currently the status page doesn't show anything as having a problem. I submitted a ticket about e-mail not working two days ago, but is that...
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    PHP/SMTP mail not working

    My PHP sendmail function also isn't working for me (I'm on Starka) and seems to have been working intermittently for the past month or so. I submitted a ticket about it yesterday, but if I keep having problems with it working then I'll have no choice but to switch hosts. It's a very important...
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    Online or not?

    My website on Starka is up and working except for FTP, but that just makes it a pain for me, not my viewers. At first e-mail wasn't working, but now it is.
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    Just a big thank you

    I echo your sentiment--thank you x10Hosting! I know you were likely working overtime to get things back up and running. I really can't thank you enough for everything, especially since this is a free service. Thank you!
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    starka back online

    While I'm very glad that things are back online and working, it doesn't feel right that the folder name it's pointing to doesn't have the extension. What if my account had two domain names one with a .net and one with a .com extension with the same name? How would it know the difference? I...
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    You are all idiots! Go to the status page!!!

    While the status page does give information about what's going on, it's not fair to call everyone who complains about it idiots for them "obviously" not looking at that page. There's really not that much information on the status page. All it says is there is maintenance on free hosting (doesn't...