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  1. furtoosh

    freaky, huh?

    I am in the 2%. I thought of a cucumber.
  2. furtoosh

    WordPress Themes and Plugins

    I did my own theme. I use the following plugins: Configurable Tag Cloud, Add To Any, and Akismet. Here is my blog.
  3. furtoosh

    Whats your thought about India & Indian?

    I went to India many times. Indians are nice people.
  4. furtoosh

    Youtube is the slowest website on the internet

    I get a message that "This video is no longer available" though it is. Most of the videos show this message and I have to refresh the page many times to see the video. I do not know what is the problem.
  5. furtoosh

    Need song with no vocals

    Search for it in the iTunes Store.
  6. furtoosh

    hey read this... very important... can make a huge difference

    I agree with you. But, the change is necessary for future generations. The change should not be sudden. It must be gradual.
  7. furtoosh

    Who uses what program

    I use Adobe Illustrator.
  8. furtoosh

    Problem with Addon Domain

    Hello! I stated my problem a few days ago in the Server Move Issues forum here and the problem has not been solved yet because of your workload. I wish you the best! One of my addon domains ( does not appear in my CP under Addon Domains although I have already configured it some...