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  1. relisys

    review my new section

    i get This web page is not available. The web page at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. when i use the above link
  2. relisys

    Review my second site

    Iv changed the background had to admit the bold orange was too much, but any one else can think of a colour mixed then let us know all feedback is well come :biggrin:
  3. relisys

    Review my second site

    Thanks for the feed back i have changed the banner again see what you think now! i will in the near future change the grey gradient but for now this will stay
  4. relisys

    Review my site please

    Nice site, works in chrome nicely. love the music that plays... what i nice touch.
  5. relisys

    Review my second site

    Yeah banner needs another look at it. Everything else as been fixed. thanks for the feed back As for my spelling I have fixed it and thanks, but i was fully aware of the problem. ;)
  6. relisys

    Review my second site

    Ok so i need ideas thrown ect ect here is the link tell me what you think and what might need changing :biggrin:
  7. relisys

    Get indexed in Google, Yahoo and Windows Live

    man this thread is old! lol well any way just to update tips always make sure you have good content on the site, google likes this, also when placing your description and keywords in a page remember to fit it around the content you have posted on that page. Makes more sense then ever :cool:
  8. relisys

    pls rate my site

    yes your website looks very presentable, but some tghings you need to change like: Make it bold with a different colour, and also your article underneath that you need to change the colure of the text, but apart from that it really does look nice
  9. relisys

    add my site in google

    Ok well this all depends on what type of site you have, is it niche? does it sell stuff ect, google tends to index unique content and regularly updated stuff as well, and yes they also include websites that are popular, what thing you really need to learn with google is its unpredictable, 1...
  10. relisys

    Link Exchange pr=3

    were would the link be placed? both your sites are not english
  11. relisys

    wow cool site! love the cloudes 9/10 but you have a missing element/images next to you live chat option under the banner but over all 8/10 ok i would suggest you add ghost story aswell, unlles its already in the works but you doing good keep it up
  12. relisys

    Firework site updated

    yeah going to work on that soon
  13. relisys

    my new changed site...

    add more colour to your banner text
  14. relisys

    Please review...

    look ok to me
  15. relisys

    [REQ][1500 credits]Professional banner needed

    nice m8 well done im going to use the new design iv sent you a pm Edit: thread closed
  16. relisys

    [REQ][1500 credits]Professional banner needed

    ok nice very very nice but you need to change the name to: firework direct as a redirect
  17. relisys

    [REQ][1500 credits]Professional banner needed

    i don't know if you alot go to school, but il wait till 5 pm forum time Edit: 1 hour to go guys! if your making these banner suggest getting them in now!
  18. relisys

    [OFF] Adobe Dreamweaver License Keys

    yeah its like, are you allowed to do that any way.....?
  19. relisys

    Pls review my forum site

    make you adbrite box into a banner