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  1. str82u

    Change to Inactivity Policy

    Makes allot of sense. I just noticed the toll free number - that was easy to get like that? Ours ends in RUN JAIL or 786-5245. The jail part wasn't hard but getting something in front of it did (are you in).
  2. str82u

    New verion of e107 CMS

    I've been using it and have had very little trouble on this host and one other free hosting service, you can read about it here or visit to see the site redesign, changelog and download page.
  3. str82u

    How fast is your Internet?

    In mid New Mexico we have the average package that includes 10 megabit service and after having the 16 megabit service at the same location (two different) I find the performance of ftp and mail apps are no different and browsing isn't any faster. We might have had more streaming power, but...
  4. str82u

    New Newsletter

    What a fake out. The newsletter from this morning looked good. I don't like junk mail but that was good looking and Windows Mail didn't flag it. I understand it was mostly ad copy, but that was the right ad to send me. That was the first I'd gotten from x10, looks like growth. Glad to see it!
  5. str82u

    Disaster! Cannot edit .htaccess

    I don't know if you already did this, but ask the tecks if they can pinpoint the issue for you, maybe get you a copy of an error log so you can get a handle on it. Hosting techs are usually my best source of information when I need to edit or tweak something or if there was a problem users/ip...
  6. str82u

    Been working on this inmate search site since October

    I have a little spot on a Texas page to swap a link if you'd like. I'm still SEO conscious. It's been doing good so far. I get a few page views per person and they get what they were looking for. I hit them up here and there, but nothing rough or obtrusive.
  7. str82u

    Been working on this inmate search site since October

    Please be kind, this was my biggest, most involved project in 10 years. We uploaded dummy pages back in October and here it is August already: It's operating with e107 version 0.8a (in development) and uses custom graphics and scripts. The CMS was actually...
  8. str82u

    about to give up

    Ditto, if it's making money, give some back. I use this for one of my satellites, but it makes a little money and when it's on it has a little PR too. One other thing about free hosting. Allot of them are considered "Bad Neighborhoods" by Google. I had two free hosts that were associated drop...
  9. str82u doesn't respond properly

    I kept checking and it seemed ok to move the ns back and it was. Everything seems to be fine now. Don't know if anyone did anything, but as always, Thank you very much for everything.
  10. str82u doesn't respond properly

    I switched to my backup ns1 and ns2 so the site may APPEAR to be working, it's not on x10 at the moment. When the problem is resolved I'll move them back. The page I got from x10 servers is
  11. str82u doesn't respond properly

    Is there something I need to do on my end for this? Any change of NS I missed?
  12. str82u offline

    Thanks for that, I had just moved NS to my backup and left these for the secondaries.
  13. str82u offline

    Yeah, I got that, but for how many days, this is not the first post, last was a few days ago. Actually not much to complain about for small outages, but I should get my backup nameservers ready, eh?
  14. str82u offline

    That's about it, any info, no pun. Andrew
  15. str82u down

    I read a little in the forum and assume that the server chopin is down or my site files are being moved? Just curious for an ETA. Thanks to everyone, Andrew STR82U, Inc.
  16. str82u

    DOFOLLOW Links With People Search, Address Search and Jail or Prison Related

    I'm going to be particular - You should be too. here's a representive site or two. and the one in my signature below. I have a few sites, most with PR but not allot of quality incoming partners. Really like folks I can work with and that are doing something with their sites...
  17. str82u

    Portfolio Website

    Are you done with the marquee in the source? I'd get it out just for karma/jinx sake. Looks good but a little cluttered to my eye where the "Work" area starts. I've been working with reflections allot lately so my eyes a stuck. I might take the four across and make one image overlapping the...
  18. str82u

    Which Is More Understandable?

    If you mean the heading "Search These Jails..." yeah, I see what you mean, easier on the eyes. The Bright white is a H2 or h3 and needs to go anyhow, too many h tags in there now. Thanks again for the input. Really needed that. Edit: Right, I know what you mean, I wrote that and it's...
  19. str82u

    Graphic Design -

    What I really like is the transparent outer div, YIKES what a great looking idea. Your theme is a little common looking though, I'd say it's the vB layout causing that reaction in me, wanted to see the credits for which front end it had. I'd use that theme over the ones I've made and it makes...
  20. str82u

    Which Is More Understandable?

    I'm getting close to halfway on the new inmate site and have had so many design changes and ideas... So if you can help me out by telling me which of the two pages seems best. You don't have to explain, just what do you think is best...