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  1. vbchris

    New forum

    New site/forum I've created a forum (or attempted to). So far it seems to be running fine with a limited number of friends testing it, the way I see it the more people who fart about with it the easier it will be to determine what needs fixed/adjusted/removed or even added. So anyone who...
  2. vbchris

    Paid Hosting & Free Hosting?

    New hosting account? haha seems I'm still a vip :naughty: I used to have paid hosting here back when I had network-13 about a year ago, cancelled the account though. Recently I havn't had the time to deal with the site so its currently non existant. Was wondering would it be possible for to...
  3. vbchris

    Webalizer gone from cpanel?

    I was just checking the cpanel earlier when I noticed when I went to web/ftp stats Webalizer was no longer there? i can still goto the link but I think that has stopped updating which is odd. I'm not sure if this is just me or if...
  4. vbchris

    Rate my design

    Hey i just finished this design. I've tried not to make it to overly complicated but at the same time not make it to blah like the last design. What do you guys think?
  5. vbchris


    When i try use some of the scripts I've wrote that use a database i get this error, Strange because everything worked fine earlier today i havnt edited/changed nor touched the site since then. Any ideas?
  6. vbchris

    Shared database?

    Not to long ago i was browing my MySQL databases when i noticed the database named "test" was filled with a bunch of tables, it was a phpbb installation, which was strange considering i havnt installed phpbb. I browsed the tables and found the site it was installed to, The site was...
  7. vbchris

    Showing account name instead of domain? If you click those 2 links both will goto the same page. BUT! when you click the first link which doesnt have the ending slash it changes the address to the address which is annoying, Does anyone know...
  8. vbchris

    1,357 New posts!

    Today i was just browseing the site when i noticed the total New Posts was really high, I thought this was really strange considering i'd last visited the site only a few hours previous lol :blink:
  9. vbchris

    C4D Tutorial

    I wasnt to sure whether to put this in graphics and web design or tutorials but seeing as its a tutorial i put it here :fear: This is basically a small adjustment you can make to your text in C4D (4D Cinema) that will give it a nice rounded edge effect. Click To View!
  10. vbchris


    Oh yeah!! :happy:
  11. vbchris

    DNS Servers?

    Hey, I'm trying to park a domain on my account but i can't see the DNS servers anywhere in the CPanel, Can anyone tell me where i can find then? Lol nevermind i found them in my account info private message
  12. vbchris

    Site Design

    Hey, i've uploaded the design i created. It's still not finished alot of links/pages/and content on the main page to add, I was wondering what you lot think. Any suggestions or anyway to improve it would be appreciated thanks.