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  1. CaptainFrancis

    403 and Page not Found error

    Good day, So I recently realized some problem on my site. I did wanted to update a page on my wordpress site however when I have click the update button, it redirects me to a 403 Forbidden page. Assuming this is just an error, I tried to update it again to no success. I started off with the...
  2. CaptainFrancis

    Cant log into c-panel

    Yeah! I wonder too. I checked for recent posts about this same issue and found nothing. However, checking back weeks ago users we're having the same issue though and was due to some server issue. It feels like that 'server issue' is happening again. The good news is I tried logging back in again...
  3. CaptainFrancis

    Cant log into c-panel

    I'm having the same problem!