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  1. gaptrast

    Do I have to generate all directories in URL

    Hi, I couldn't find information about this anywhere. I have a website where people can make something and save it into a short url. Do I have to actually make a new directory and an index.php file for every version? It seems so...
  2. gaptrast

    Database structure with shorthand links

    I have a site where users can use an app where everything they do is stored in values. I want to let users save what they have done, and share it with a generated link. Like The values will be stored in a database, and somehow the unique string (gUy87f) attached to them. So...
  3. gaptrast

    Making an interactive 24 hour clock/organizer

    I think you are right about getting knowledge about what is really going on rather than relying on a library. I will try to learn to use the canvas element and maybe I will figure it out
  4. gaptrast

    Making an interactive 24 hour clock/organizer

    Hello, I have just started a project. This little web application will be used to make planning easier for people living around the clock (specifically those interested in polyphasic sleep). On the website there will be some input fields where users can write their sleeping times and then it...
  5. gaptrast

    Cant access my account!

    Thanks. It worked
  6. gaptrast

    Cant access my account!

    Hi, A few years ago I ordered a 3 years plan of x10hosting Premium. I used the servers actively until my interest of websites faded. So now I am starting to feel interested again, but I can't log in to my servers. There is only one domain that is still active, and it still works. Why are my...
  7. gaptrast

    Images not showing

    Hi, I tried to make some hotlinking things on my site, but I removed it because I didn't really need it. I have tried to disable it, to write the urls in the allowed box... but NO IMAGES SHOWS UP ON MY WEBSITES!! :(
  8. gaptrast

    Anyone got any experience with google plus?

    Hi, I got my google plus account today, but I have only one friend.. :( Add me! gap
  9. gaptrast

    Link exchange with Science related site!

    Hi, do anyone want to link exchange with thanks!
  10. gaptrast

    Anyone looking to exchange links with a social music hosting website?

    link to : : Curious questions you never knew you wanted answered : Fake Viruses; great computer pranks! And I'll link to your site. :D
  11. gaptrast - computer pranks site

    Is the font size too big? Do you mean overall, or a specific place? ---------- Post added at 01:57 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:55 PM ---------- Thanks! Yes, you're right. I'll put the"slogan" another place on the site, and remove it from the logo. :D I'll add a disclaimer :D
  12. gaptrast

    PluggedIn - Need Help and Suggestions

    Personally, I do not think you'll need a page just for the search cloud. Try to insert it somewhere in the site. (front page? search results? in the bottom?)
  13. gaptrast

    we offer flash banner customization

    Link? Contact info?
  14. gaptrast

    Suggest Design Changes

    Your header looks good!
  15. gaptrast

    Exclusive brand new Homepage :)

    Your site is unbelievable difficult to understand. Try to clean up a bit, and revise the site
  16. gaptrast

    Please review my forum...

    Firstly, what is jsguk, what do that mean? It is definitively not easy to remember... I went to a random page,, and got a 404 error there... Other than that, the site seems to work fine :D
  17. gaptrast

    Check out my Sci-Fi Website!

    The yellow slogan thing you have is VERY annoying! I had to wait a long time to read your important news.... Also on a wide screen the text is very wide (only 2 lines) (streched out on the whole screen), and not easy to read.. gap
  18. gaptrast

    What do you think?

    COOL LOGO!! Yes, that was my first thought. The second thought was when I read "Please visit our forums HERE". That is NOT a good description of a site.... :P ( The link was error too...) Otherwise, cool design! Keep up the good work!
  19. gaptrast

    Design Us All LLC - Website review

    It is a bit difficult to read some of the text. Do not have the navbar positioned absolute.. Otherwise, a good site with okay design. (slow loading speed though) gap
  20. gaptrast

    An FPS gaming blog

    Yes, the background image is kond of distracting... Try to make the logo easier to read. Especially the text "An FPS gamer blog" gap