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  1. chefdro22

    2 issues that have not been fixed for more than 3 months

    hi, im not able to send email from absolut server. i use drupal for my project and triggers to send emails are not working. also, a separate php file too, not sending email. i had already opened a thread for this, but i closed it because it immeadiately worked for a few days after i posted...
  2. chefdro22

    domain change

    hello, im aware of the fact that x10hosting does not allow domain change. i have this domain which is run by a different x10hosting account. Now that domain is expired and i've shifted to a new paid host. however, i'd like to still use that account as testing place for my...
  3. chefdro22

    email not working for absolut hosting

    hello, i went to the irc chatroom on 14th of march and asked about the "not able to send email" problem with the absolut hosting. One of the moderators told me admins are aware of that issue. Please let me know when this will be fixed, as my entire college project depends on sending...
  4. chefdro22

    403 forbidden

    In one account files are 644 and directories are 755. It works fine. But in the other account its the same but its not working. I have drupal installed too.
  5. chefdro22

    403 forbidden

    hi.. i have two accounts.. in both accounts if i try accessing the sql database using php im getting forbidden error 403.. all the permissions are set proper.. im still getting 403.. my entire college project has now come to a stop because of this. im getting this error since the migration...
  6. chefdro22

    clarification of TOS

    what if i want to start a website like or something like that?? where u can hate something.. but it will not contain any obseneity (spelling wrong)
  7. chefdro22

    clarification of TOS

    cool.. got it..
  8. chefdro22

    clarification of TOS

    hey there, im planning to start a new website.. obviously under x10. can i show adult ads in it? for eg - if i start a url shortening website like adfly or linkbucks.. can i accept them to shorten adult advertisements?? or is it against TOS
  9. chefdro22

    domain error

    hi, this domain keeps giving me an error.. can u rectify it? username
  10. chefdro22

    hosting video files

    what about songs then? can we host songs?
  11. chefdro22

    hosting video files

    im not pretty much sure whether this is the correct category to post in but still.. i have a drupal 7 site running on x10hosting.. so far so good.. now i have this blog(s).. where you can watch cartoons tv shows sitcoms etc.. im planning to shift to...
  12. chefdro22

    What is a good website builder?

    you can try drupal.. if u are good in blogger then you can master drupal easily.. try to see how to start off video tutorial. also, u can create themes for drupal or joomla or wordpress or even an html website with artisteer.. i use it... its good.. so good luck..