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    Console Collection (New + Retro)

    So looks like am having to sell my consoles games etc, everything except my PS3 will be going, 22 games consoles and in the hundreds of games i think. Will be putting them up soon as i finish my site, i will post it on here when its ready if any is interested in buying part or all of my...
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    Console Collection (New + Retro)

    So does any of you guys collect consoles or are these just old consoles that you havent sold yet? or play a bit still? Looking for a Tiger handheld and a gameboy light (jp) handheld if any one wants to sell them????? let me know with you price. Also gameboy micro handheld but not...
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    Console Collection (New + Retro)

    hmm should ipods count? they do offer gaming capabilities. If so got a 8gb 2g touch, had the 2g 8 iphone too but plugged it in and it died 3 days after the warranty ran out. Emulators suck bad on the pod would be good if they get the wii-mote sorted on all games, make it multi-task with 4.0...
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    Count to 1 Million

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    whats your faverout online multyplayer game?

    COD MW2 is prob the one i play the most but does frustrate me something rotten. Halo 3 and ODST were amazing games. Storyline was brilliant even found myself reading the books on how master chief came about.
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    Console Collection (New + Retro)

    Wow 2600 thats an impressive find for $25 is the case originally for the atari or is it just a case that fitted?
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    Just in the gameroom now and nobody in :( could be solved if there was a shoutbox on the main forum tho, could invite people or let people know ive opened a game of holdem or other game.
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    Wireless Connects but no Internet?

    Is it your router? Check to make sure its not timing out. My router disconnects after a certain amount of time of inactivity. You can sort it out in your router settings. Also mine still turns off sometimes because of my faulty phone line (you can tell because the data center light dones not...
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    War of the World

    Hey sorry probs behind on this topic but what style of game is it? obviously client based... how far back (dates) does it go? cowboys? perhaps ive got it wrong? Would like to know tho need a hobby lol
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    All of my credits FREE

    I love the IOU system makes Britain great! or at least thats what the banks say.
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    Email Collector?

    you mean to mass spam? :)
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    Console Collection (New + Retro)

    @nixdaddy are you in the UK? would you sell you sega cd? @Corey uploading now... sorry it took so long didnt have a camera (well had to use phone camera, but only just got it and its poo, but money was tight) However the Wii sadly had to go... bills apparently dont pay themselves. Which is...
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    iopd touch wireless

    Could wait till 4.0 OS comes out they might have something on there with RADIUS and N+ encryption,
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    Does anybody know a good tutorial for installing Ubuntu on a PC with Windows 7?

    Hey found a tutorial for you to follow if you didnt already start.
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    How fast is your Internet?

    am a little off??? we just got a new test but i think this is closer! ??
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    The Best Mobile Device

    Windows deffo need a new platform! its got to be in the works !! HTC was amazing for me a little slow but i bought an out dated model ( coz money does grow on trees for me) and it was really good but slow and crashed alot but i was doing things that shouldnt be done really PSX emulator :) but...
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    MAG or Modern Warfare.

    NOOOOOOOO leave UT alone dead and gone!!!! if you want to ressurect :) what about N64 golden Eye??? a great, and much better than UT!! (should this be moved to cross fire forum lol) UT over COD n mag?
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    MAG or Modern Warfare.

    @Clinton Whats you choice of FPS then? For both online and Offline.
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    MAG or Modern Warfare.

    I enjoy both games, MAG has a different control feel, so if you are use to COD controls MAG may be difficult to grasp however same with all games a little practice and you get use to it. That and the idea of 256 players at 30frames per sec is a deffo +++
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    [60points] Sign-up to Project Torque

    Sorry yeah i thought it was the game. Sorry should have double checked.