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    Acorn crop looks good at Wayne National.

    Acorn crop looks good at Wayne National.
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    RVsitebuilder Problem

    Why do I get this message when I try to use RVsitebuilder? The encoded file /var/cpanel/rvglobalsoft/rvsitebuilder/www/ionctestlicense.php requires a license file rvsitebuilder.lic. in Unknown on line 0
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    Sitebuilder or doing it yourself

    Using Sitebuilder or RVsitebuilder lets you build a website without knowing HTML code. You select a template and modify it. You paste your content into the website formed using the template. You can change the template including the header background with a little effort. You should be able...
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    Free Hosting with RVSiteBuilder

    xHosting had an advantage since it was about the only free hosting service with RVSiteBuilder. It looks like that is no long the case. It has been many months since it was removed from cPanel. It appears it is not coming back. True?
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    Is RVsitebuilder ever coming back or is it gone for good? People that used it to create their sites can no longer update their sites.
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    Problems with site builder

    It appears that RVSiteBuilder makes new releases without completely debuging them. After they have been out for a few months, they work ok. It takes them that long to work out the bugs. If you retain RVSiteBuilder but not install news releases on CPanel until they have been out for a few...
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    Problems with site builder

    I like RVsitebuilder. It is a very easy way to build and maintain websites. I used it here until it got removed. I use it with a paid hosting service and have few problems. They did have a problem a few weeks ago with images not showing but they fixed the problem. I would like to see the...
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    I want to be an affiliate

    I was an affiliate of x10hosting but the program seems to have terminated a long time ago.
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    Error when trying to access my website

    When I try to access my website I get the following: Fatal error: Incompatible file format: The encoded file has format major ID 1, whereas the Loader expects 4 in /home/jk0126/public_html/index.php on line 0 What does this mean? It appears you have upgraded from Website Builder to RVSite...
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    Affiliate Program

    The link doesn't work. I saw a post about it but no reply. Is the affiliate program still active.
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    Quick clarification on the rules?

    Carl6969, The affiliate link that you posted doesn't work. Are they working on the affiliate website or have they discontinued their affilaite program?
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    Hi, I'm New

    Hi, wish you the best with your website. I created one and am having good luck with it. I sure see a lot of suspended site comments. I'm not sure why so many.
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    Google Adsense

    My experience with Google AdSense ads is it takes a long time to start making money. You have to build up trafic to your site and it seems Google doesn't put the best ads on your site until your site has gained trafic & rank by Google.
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    Windows 7 - Better or Worse? Your oppinions please?!?

    I have VISTA on my laptop and it is a memory hog. Sounds like Windows 7 would be better. Is anyone running it on a laptop?
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    Additional Changes

    Great! That helps a lot. It should eliminate a lot of the deactivated account problems.
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    Need Website Ideas.

    I recommend selecting a topic that you know a lot about and enjoy, e.g. woodworking. Your site will be better and you will enjoy working on it.
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    Best Sub-domain Name

    x10hosting gives us several options on a sub-domain name. I picked one ending with mainly because of the .com. Is it really better to have a domain ending in .com?
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    I want to change my domain name?

    If you are just starting to create your website, it may be easier to create a new sub-domain name and then delete the old one. I'd wait until x10Hosting staff gives you advice.
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    Use of a Signature in replys to Posts

    Thanks, I understand now. Your reply helped a lot!
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    Use of a Signature in replys to Posts

    I'm a new member and don't seem to be able to determine how to create a signature. The control panel doesn't have a tab for updating your signature. Since I have a free website, am I not allowed to have a signature? If I am allowed, how do I establish it? What are tags & trackbacks?