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    What is "Rewards" link on top?

    Does anyone know if the rewards system has been fixed?
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    Who has the best web browser? IE vs FF vs Chrome

    Well if you don't like google, you can try one of the chromium forks, or just stright chromium. They all have similar structures to chrome, and the same rendering engine. At this point, from the choices you have given - IE9 is without doubt the best. It is the only one you list that has...
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    i like computers

    What amazes me is the amount of information thats out there. And how easy it is to manipulate. Just take this site into consideration: Its insane. The amount of info on there and what you can do it, look at this:
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    Serving Simple Word Documents

    That is a good idea! but, everyone seems to be fine with installing software all of a sudden, so we are using dropbox instead, haha.
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    Serving Simple Word Documents

    The problem with Google Docs is that, I don't want to require my users to have to register. I only want them to have to put in a password (and/or username). I want this to be universal (as in work for everyone). I think I can just use a php file management script - there are tons out there. But...
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    Serving Simple Word Documents

    I am currently making a website where I would like users to be able to upload word documents (most likely .doc or .rtf files) and then be able to download these file. I do not want it to specifically be a document file host, because I want to allow everyone with access to the website the...
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    PHP mail function

    This website has a code thats reallyefficient and well made. Its really easy to use too and is secure. Just make sure you read through the read me and what not, but you could use it if you can't figure out anything else.
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    New Artists Site

    Its really well designed. I am not a fan of hover affects, but thats a personal choice :) I think its might be too dark and bleak (not a fan of mainly black), but it does seem to go along with some of your art and does provide a contrast, so its a tough choice. I like how you have kept it...
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    A Record and CNAME Record Questions (How to point to x10Hosting)

    Ah, perfect, thanks again! I had found that page, but did not see any information about A records :).
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    A Record and CNAME Record Questions (How to point to x10Hosting)

    Ah, I meant - do I have to do anything in cPanel? And is there a location with IPs for any other things I might need in the future? or do you have to more senior member of the community (or the support team) to get access to that info?
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    A Record and CNAME Record Questions (How to point to x10Hosting)

    Thanks! What I meant was that, how do I make sure that the server knows which domain is mine?
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    A Record and CNAME Record Questions (How to point to x10Hosting)

    Hi, I currently have a domain from eNom via Google Apps. In order to keep all my services active with Google without having to re-do each one of my CNAME records in cPanel. I would like to use an A Record to point to x10Hosting instead of NS Records. However, I have limited knowledge of how to...
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    Your food is poisoned - must read

    How is ecological food much worse for the environment? That makes no sense. GM'ed crops are designed to specifically outperform the majority of other species in their environments creating massive environmental problems. Also, non-ecological foods generally have the aid of pesticides which...
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    Live forever?

    I would choose the offer to live forever, but I would end up going into reclusion and observe the world from an outsiders perspective. I would try to understand human nature completely and eventually would come out of hiding and try to help humanity by educating and showing the error of the...
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    The i-Marketing Network - Please Review

    The website is just a bit too cluttered. You don't need two navigation bars. I would just keep the one on top and just pull up the newsletter subscription area and the banner and other ads. Also, the marquee movement of text is generally considered unprofessional. I would recommend some kind of...
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    Hey Everyone, Here to Make a Website for a Group

    Fantastic, your file hosting site looks very promising. Out of curiosity, where are you getting the hosting for that site from. And if you get a chance could you shoot me a PM when you do get the video hosting up?
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    firefox 4 more like chrome

    I think it will take me some time to get used to the new firefox interface, but it is a good plan. I like simpler and more elegant. And it removes some of the things i generally dont use like the entire bar with File, Edit, View etc.
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    Free Software Suggestions

    Software Category: Audio Editing/Playing Software Name: MediaMonkey Short Description: A free and effective media player and media library handler. It has been designed to be compatible with a variety of MP3 players and is probably the best non-iTunes solution for iPod users on PC's. Link...
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    Post your specs

    I am running a Dell Inspiron 530 with a Core2Duo@2.0Ghz. I've got 4 gigs of ram. With 320gigs of HDD space. I've also got a (very close to stock) Nvidia 8600GT. Which is all connected to a 22inch acer monitor.
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    Removing .html from url

    You could simply put the html file into a folder of the same name. Then rename the html file to index.html and point your links to the file :) So something like would go to but it would work also as...