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  1. vievie

    Unable to log into cpanel (Invalid Password)

    Looks like the server is back up and the problem is solved. Thanks
  2. vievie

    Unable to log into cpanel (Invalid Password)

    Hi, I tried to log into my account today but it seems the password somehow changed. I tried updating my password through the account management settings but it seems that didn't work. Is there another way to update my account password? The username I tried to use to get into cPanel is vievie...
  3. vievie

    Suspension On Account Due To Inactivity

    Hi, I swear I've visited the forums within the 34 days, but I guess I must have mis-recalled. I was wondering if I can get my suspension lifted, my username is vievie. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused, I will try my best to not let it happen again. Victor
  4. vievie

    Suspension code: 4316CA5707A0

    Hello, I am wondering why I am suspended for copyright infringement. I haven't updated anything drastic during the past week or even months so my account has been pretty much the same for quite some time. If you guys could notify me about where I broke the rules specifically what elements of my...
  5. vievie

    20 Creds to download a 4MB file

    Just downloaded! =)
  6. vievie

    Hi Corey, I was wondering when we would get our prizes with regards the to newsletter...

    Hi Corey, I was wondering when we would get our prizes with regards the to newsletter contests. I won the contest back in March, and its almost the end of April now. I've gone through all the threads and most of them say that you have to wait a bit before you can claim sometimes you are...
  7. vievie

    Hi im a noob

    Just incase no one has referred you to this yet, there's some instructions on how to move ur WP server to server:
  8. vievie

    New design, what do you think?

    The font-color on your copyright is difficult to see... the module colors you use are also hard to see...since the colors are so similar, there's not enough contrast.
  9. vievie

    Could not install Joomla Extensions

    Try installing via FTP instead of Fantastico. This forum also already has a thread about this here:
  10. vievie

    More Wordpress Help

    This is how: 1) Find a theme: 2) Install the theme: Enjoy!
  11. vievie

    Cooliris Photo Wall

    Sorry I was doing some further testing. The new URL is: I stumbled upon another site that lets you test the Cooliris Wall with any RSS URL's. For example, I have a link here that would work...
  12. vievie

    Adding a Chat/Shout Box to my phpBB3 Forum

    There's a method here if you want looks like its for beginners..significantly easier install: ACP = admin control panel. hope that helps.
  13. vievie

    Adding a Chat/Shout Box to my phpBB3 Forum

    Try this out:
  14. vievie

    Cooliris Photo Wall

    I'm trying to get the Cooliris Photo Wall to work on my webpage, however I get stuck at a particular step regarding a crossdomain.xml. Apparently, I need to put this file in the webserver's root, so I tried putting it in my subdomain, It didn't work...
  15. vievie

    Math problem :P

    My answer is 0.00000025m in thickness. Assuming the layer of oil is a cylinderical shape =P BTW, remember conversion of cm^2 to m^2 is not a factor of 100, but 10000 ;)
  16. vievie

    Regarding Subdomain Issues

    I've removed all my domains from the subdomains area, addon domains, parked domains, and redirects. Then I just tried to restarted all over, by trying to addon domains, however it keeps giving me an error. At the moment, the page I mentioned in the last post still is existing with the Apache is...
  17. vievie

    Analytical Chemistry Survey

    Hey x10 users, My class recently got assigned to do some "statistical analysis" to show us what skewed data / not skewed data looks like. The questions are simply: Eye color: Brown Blue or Green? Can you roll your tongue into a cylinderical shape? Gender: Male or Female? Thanks for...
  18. vievie

    Regarding Subdomain Issues

    I was able to create a sub-domain under my domain, labeled as It was working a while ago, but now direction of is directing to a page containing: Great Success ! Apache is working on your cPanel® and WHM™ Server If...