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    PRime vs. Free Membership

    fir indians it is hard to buy prime membership with paypal why cnt adding another payment gateway like ccavenue why because my debit card is maestro currus .
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    Which is your favorite Gaming Company?

    Ea sports the game
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    cron job

    hey any one please can tell me cron command for this hosting ?
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    Domain name

    for a perfect domain name selection what are the steps involved ?
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    Which is your favourite CMS ?

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    PayPal Download

    are you using cms joomla or wordpress ? than you have so many options to use paypal install virtuemart in joomla check out extension directory of joomla or if you design a page with html you can do manually by fallowing instructions in site.
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    Up to 18% commission from AliExpress

    hmm quite intresting
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    The x10 community rating/credit system explained

    what we can do with this credits ?
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    My website for wanna be developers. please rate :)

    nice and neat which cms u used ? and which plugin u used to slideshow ?thnx
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    New Site Review

    yellow and black colour combination
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    Free Hosting Update

    hmm.. good luck to x10 TEAM !