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    Windows 8 To Stop Activation Hacks

    I expect Windows 8 will be available cracked on or before its official release.
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    What is your favourite FTP Program?

    I still use LeechFTP. Lame, I know, but it works well in XP and I'm used to it. It was last updated in 1999.
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    What is the oldest/crappiest computer you've ever had

    I meant to type Pentium 133 but typed "5" for some reason. At the time, I had no idea you could "build" a PC. Since then, I've assembled every one of my systems, including the quad-core workstations now on my desk, which, with rebates, special Newegg codes, old cases, and careful shopping...
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    What is the oldest/crappiest computer you've ever had

    Pentium 5 Gateway in 1995. It cost $3000!
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    External HDD Doesn't have a power button?

    My external drive case has no power button. It's been running almost continuously for five years with no trouble. The drive seems small now, though. Might be time to swap it out for a bigger one.
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    firefox 4 more like chrome

    I don't think the Firefox developers pay any attention to users at all. They just do whatever they want, and insult the people who complain about changes to the browser. They were indignant and contemptuous of users who didn't like the "awesome bar", until so many people expressed their...
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    firefox 4 more like chrome

    Sounds like a right pain. I like Firefox the way it is. I'll probably not update until I absolutely have to. I used Firefox 2.x way into the 3.x cycle. I finally changed at 3.5 when add-ons became available to make 3.x behave more like 2.x. I remember the Mozilla developers' response to...
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    Wanted someone to build me a computer that can handle 3d aps

    You can get what you need cheap. I buy from Newegg, but there are other options. I do video and 3D professionally. I use Q6600 quadcores, 4 gigs RAM, cheap cases and mobos. Less than $300 US per box, not counting drives and video cards. My main workstation has a GeForce of good repute, I...
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    Who Here Grabbed Windows 7?

    Well, crap. I had Windows 7 on a spare machine, so I could become familiar with it. It worked okay for a few months. Today, the PC died. It was seven years old, so I suppose it wasn't a surprise. Might just be the power source. Hassle.
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    Who Here Grabbed Windows 7?

    I have it on a spare machine, so I can get familiar with it. With some doing, it can be made to work like my Windows XP installs, which I have set to work like my Windows 95 installs. I don't like it when interfaces and features change for no good reason.
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    What is this how can x10 do this ?

    For what it's worth, I find the service here to be very good.
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    I am denied entry to Hosting after signing up

    I can't delete this post. The problem is resolved. I now have access. Thanks, whoever fixed it!
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    I am denied entry to Hosting after signing up

    See title. When I click Hosting it says I may have been bounced, but I never had an account here before. It says I may need to sign up for hosting. I already did that.