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    What would you improve?

    i apprieate ( dam hard word typo mania lol :D ) that admins respond to the things we wanted to be improved. ofc i mean when there is enough money for it, im happy to place extra advertisments on my website if that can help ( like google adds) those servers cost 400/pm so im totaly...
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    [emercency] stoli mutliple services down

    yes its down again exim and apache
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    What would you improve?

    what i want to be inproved? more languages.( im dutch and i got suspended for using my site in dutch... ) 1 more ad enhanced server so the load on stoli is spread ( less down time in result ) more staff adminś that can reset servers when they lockup and so on :)
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    Emergency!!! Netherlads Cannot Reach X10!

    yes but now i can reach it again so i think it whas a faulty rooter somewhere since multiple isps coudnt reach it
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    Emergency!!! Netherlads Cannot Reach X10!

    hello and thanks for watching staff and admins. multipe isp's cannot reach x10hosting! there is only 1 wich can reach it and i aint on it. i had to connect by proxy to post you this message!!!!!!! there is only 1 isp that can reach your site! rest evrything that even is related to the url x10...
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    [server Allert] Stoli Down

    hello there whas an update but stolli is still offline ( no uptime apache down also ) can you please set it online? thanks
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    hosting acount screwed

    hello i got the ad free hosting on the lotus server my cpanl name = hipy what is the problem: some days ago i chainged the domain name from hipy to now when i go to lucas.x10hosting i get an not found page just a 404 and if i go to hipy.x10 i get a cpanel installed page...
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    smf subs edit lines?

    hello to install you need to change smf ( comment out stuff in subs.php ) only i dont know wich lines this where anymore, does anyone knows wich lines have to be uncomment( its a usless funciton wich isnt allowed on x10) thanks in advance
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    acount delete??:S

    hi i have an problem yesterday i requested an acount deletion for my corporate acount i wanna step over to the ad free today i coudnlt login anymore on cpanel and stuff but if i try to sign up i get the message i already have an hosting acount some data: package: corporate server: stoli...
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    php mailing?

    hi much scripts mail from php to users who as an example forgot theire password but at me that isnt happening , i dont get emails if i request a new password at smf and osticket. im on lotus server can anyone help me? Edit: anyone
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    smf problem

    hi i installed smf but i want to login like and i get blanc screen error log : [Sun Mar 09 06:33:54 2008] [error] [client <ip censord>] ALERT - function within blacklist called: shell_exec() (attacker '<ip censord>', file '/home/hipy/public_html/Sources/Subs.php', line 3515) [Sun Mar 09...
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    how to add ads??

    hi im trying to ad an ad with the folowing code i found on the site <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> only i dont get any picture if i type the url in explorer i get blank screen can anyone help me? thanks in advance!