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    Your Internet connection has been blocked due to frequent abuse.

    So there is no chance of unblocking it?
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    Your Internet connection has been blocked due to frequent abuse.

    I cannot login to my acconut. I get a message "Your Internet connection has been blocked due to frequent abuse." My Ip address is dynamic it changes every time I ever connect.
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    My Internet connection has been blocked due to frequent abuse.

    I have the same problem. I cannot login into my account It says: "Your Internet connection has been blocked due to frequent abuse."
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    New site

    Design seems to be simple. Looks good. Think about some kind of logo. I dislike scrolling text. I'd get rid of it or make it move slower.
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    I'm glad that background doesn't merge with content. Some people choose background and make text hard to read. I like the shadows in headings.
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    euro crisis

    Maybe Greece will be the first. I've heard about new currency geuro for greece. There is a lot of noise about Greece.
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    Answer with question??

    What to do, when you have nothing to do?
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    Count to 1 Million

    2493 people still don't know what to do with their money
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    On onefreead everyone can advertise anything he likes. You advertisement is placed on home page. It does not last long, because it's overwritten by new ad, every time new user adds his own advertisement. Interesting idea, but I think it would be better if there was some time limit before new ad...
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    What do you think?

    In my opinion, it's better to entitle buttons on the top. You may place some image or ad after text "Garbon comunity" (comunity is it a typo or you're saving letters)
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    Please review my forum...

    Images on top (ads I think) are wider than the rest of the site. It doesn't look nice.
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    Count to 1 Million

    2489 is not my favorite number )
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    Answer with question??

    Who knows, maybe he missed the target?
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    Answer with question??

    to be or not to be?
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    !!!! The NEW Biggest thread !!!!

    I just noticed this thread. It doesn't seem to be biggest. There are even bigger. I'm sitting in the armchair. listening to the music and posting this message. Imaging someone who's reading my post, somewhere in Africa under the palms in the hammock)
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    Please review my site !!

    Yes, put searchbox in gray rectangle for example.
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    Count to 1 Million

    2486 times this thread was edited
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    Add One Word

    Monkeys break bananas over their noses and open their mouth so they flap the pudding between their feet and hands. This is boring. Monkeys fling pancakes over seals BUT albatrosses rarely fall for double-glazing. When the salesmen dodges smelly and begins dancing spandex shorts alone, his...
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    please revue my site and give me your comments on making it better

    Disabling right click, i think it's annoying. It's easy to overcome, viewing the source code. Why don't make something more pretty, than just "Click above links" in my portfolio? Show art link for example, after we clicked my portfolio.
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    Site Open To Crawl

    When you disallow it is not indexed. When you allow it is indexed. Usually admin page is restricted by password so it won't be indexed. It is not a good idea to open admin for indexing because it is usually searched for breaking in.