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    PHP 5.3 Upgrade

    Take a look at this, should help resolve you issue.
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    Webmail Fatal Error

    All 3 webmail clients in my cPanel are giving fatel error; example A fatal error has occurred DB Error: connect failed Details have been logged for the administrator.
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    Another Big Thank you

    I just wanted to join the fellow users wishing the excellent x10 staff a big thank you for all there hard work over the last few weeks. The hard work and long hours thats gone into the failed upgrade and then to fix the cpanel limit problem has been really appreciated. Also the excellent...
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    Please help -myphpadmin

    Its the permissions on the files, either using an FTP client or using the file manager you need to edit the permissions of any file that needs to be executed.
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    Please help -myphpadmin

    Are the PHP files running with the correct CHMod 755?
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    Free Hosting Uptime

    Well done guys, hope all these changes to the config keep working well. Thanks for all the hard work you put into the free service, its definitely very appreciated.
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    Bring back the arcade

    I also get the "The administrator has disabled playing games for your usergroup" error message.
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    Design Help

    Can people please help me out and suggest which buttons on my site look the best if any? Thanks Trev
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    Im back!

    I doubt anyone remembers me ive been gone well over a year but im back i dunno why i ever stoped comming here must have been when i decided all my websites ive ever made sucked big time, lol. Nice work on the new site guys x10 has come along way well done.
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    Awsome New Site

    Id just like to say i may have been away for over a year but nicely done on the new site, i remember the days of signing up in the forum when x10 was still in diapers but this new site looks soo profesional well done guys.
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    Banner Request [20 Points]

    Can some one make me a banner 100x749 for the top banner of my site Requirments: 100x749 Fits in with my sites colour sceime Text= X10 CS:S Clan Include the below images if posible behind the text. 20 Points for the person who makes the banner...
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    HTML Layout Help

    Http:// Hrm were do i start my colour taste is rubbish so some ideas on the colour and could some one help me set out the HTML so its alot easyer to handle the page the only php in the page is for the X10 Adds. Im no good at making layouts so a little...
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    Script Install Service

    I've noticed recently there are alot of people around who find it difficult or hard to install scripts such as IPB or PHPBB and vbullitin esspecialy the updated vertions that arnt included in fantastico. Would it ever be posible for a group of repected members or admins to becombe a free or...
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    X10 Clan Server

    I'am currently Setting up a CS:Source server and i would like it to be a X10 Clan server. How many of you guys would play on the server? Also what maps should i have running, clasic maps like Dust dust2 and nuke, or should i have some fun maps and some of my own creations? Its a 24 slot...
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    [REQ] Web Site Design

    Could anyone help me with the layout of a website im desging i have a free template but its not that good. I can offer 32 Points and i will also offer payment if a unique website is create instead of the template. Website Sr71 If anyone could help out here i would be very greate full.
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    Most Secure

    What do people think round here is the best FREE fourm ?
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    Looking for Staff

    Hi eveyone im starting a small company up and im having some trouble managing everything on my own. Im setting up a small hosting company offering very cheap webhosting to all countrys. I have a domain and a reseller account, i started on a website but i am having some problems making it look...
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    Sponsored Server

    Does any one know where i can get a free sponsored CS: Source server for 15 slots not using too much bandwith. I build maps for CS: SOurce i i need some where to test them out on the public? Can some one help me out? Thanks Trev
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    Banner Help

    Can any one help me find a good free banner rotator script that alows me to control the number of impressions each banner has had? I found THIS but all i get is a domain holding site! Can some one please help me? Thanks trev.
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    Uk Psp

    Does anyone know what firmware vertion the UK PSP comes with?