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    Cant create account

    when i try to create my account it says Sorry, we're not able to accept your registration. We are not currently accepting new users from your country (DK). Please try again another time. You may contact us or visit our community forums with any questions on our current policy. why are DK...
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    How to get ASP.Net to work at x10Hosting

    I do not understand guien, do not understand it to upload to an Apache server when I go to the site when it is uploaded, I come in to, please help
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    whats wrong whit the website builder

    Warning! Username or Password incorrect. I've tried many times without success.
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    asp error

    why will x10hosting not approve asp? although it says they approve it. I have put it into the ftp but when i try to go into my page code just comes up instead of the side. plezz help
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    whats wrong whit the website builder

    whats wrong whit website builder? i can´t log in?
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    error code: 384F0062 result: An error occurred as your hosting account signup was executed. This error was fatal to the request. Please reattempt your hosting signup again or create a support request. I've tried to reattempt. unsuccessfully, what shal I do
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    user does not open

    how long should I wait before my account is open?