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    Resource Limit Hit

    Hi, I have this message I dont know why I have not done anything to my forum in days and its been ok up till now!. This is'nt a ploy to get free account holders to upgrade?
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    Cant logon

    Can log on to my site I get this Resource Limit Hit!This site has exceeded its resource limits for the past hour, web traffic has been restricted. Limits are reset every hour, please try back shortly.Common reasons for this error: High resource usage scripts. Poorly coded...
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    Is A Server Down?

    Hey xHosting Crew, My domain is down. Are you having probs with the server? Is there anyway that you can let us account holders know when schedule tasks are going to happen to the servers? Cheers Danny
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    Installed MYBB But No Images

    Hi I installed mybb forum from fresh. and I have this there is template. I installed a new one and its the same thing with the default skin. I have clearded mu cookes and web cashe. Why is this happening?
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    Error With MYBB

    Hi, Here is the link Its not a huge problem becuse I can just delete the files and the database and install it again. I was just wondering why this happend on the software install that is provided in the Cpanel. Regards, Danny
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    Error With MYBB

    Hi, I installed MYBB forum with the software installer last night. I logged onto the forum with my admin deatils and bookedmark the page. Went back to the forum to satrt editing it ad got this error [qoute] MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue. SQL Error:1030 - Got...
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    Whats Wrong

    Ahhhhh... yesss I forgot that the DNS needs to propagate. DOH!!! Sorry :)
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    Whats Wrong

    Whats Wrong With My Site I have changed my domain name from to I have uploaded mybb forum to the main public_htm directory so when I point my browser to I get server error Ive even used the c panel...
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    What To Change

    I did that just after I posted this topic. Sorted now. Please close topic. :)
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    What To Change

    I I want to change my subdomain to something else. How do I change or do I delete my account
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    Thinking Of...

    Making an advertising site. there would be premium advertising spots and free options for link exchange and site links. Also I will might add google ads to the site. Hopefully when it makes revenue I can pay for premium hosting with X10 Hosting. Would I be allowed to do this...... I'm not...
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    How do x10hosting.....

    Yeah.. Ive seen other unlimted free hosting but alot of them have restictions on PHP scripts. Like when uploding a open source forum software it take ages or it never installes properly. Anyway X10 Hosting.. keep up the good work.
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    Post your specs

    Well.. may aswell post mind know. Custome build by myself. Cost £400 last year (May 2010) 19" widescreen LCD Acer AUSU Evo Mother Board AMD (AM3) 3 GHZ Phenom II Quad Core ATI intergrated GFX 4GB DDR3 Ram Corsair (another 4GB in post) Pioneer Super Multi DVD Reader/Writter HDMI Audio Card...
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    Please Review My Forums/Site

    Looks good. However I think that that the topic icons stand out from the forum theme
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    My New Updated Site

    Cheers.. for the info. :)
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    Looks good :)
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    My New Updated Site

    Hey, Love to hear some comments on my site. Forum = Website =
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    Can I Register....

    My uncle is a psychic medium and wants to host a site. I told him about you guys and that you offer a very good deal for free. However, he has no idea on how to build websites as he is old school. He asked me if I could register an account in his name and email on his behalf. Would I be able...
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    Having problems

    updated the original post :)