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    Alien Swarm

    I'm loving this game, ive completed the speedruns and insane mode! Great fun, i'm looking forward to what the community add to this gem.
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    Favorite FPS game of 2009-2010

    Oh boy, what to pick what to pick! :confused: I guess my contenders are left 4 dead, modern warfare 2 and bad company 2! Modern warfare was great for a while, but i stopped playing after i got tired of watching deathcam and it would show i didnt even fire a shot but on my end i would see a...
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    Direct X 11 Graphics Cards

    So i finally figured out where i got that march 2nd date from :nuts: The 480gtx (fermi) is supposed to be making its debut at Cebit from march 2nd - 6th! However mass production seems to have been pushed back to late April-May. Madness! Quite a wait for those price drops then. I think there...
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    Review my rig :)

    Best of luck with the Dark demon! :kekekegay uhm lol kinky
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    Direct X 11 Graphics Cards

    Wongers, i have no idea where i got that date from:eek4: i read it somewhere i guess its obvious it was a rumour otherwise that would prob be the biggest tech news on the net right now! Majority of sources point to march as the release date, i guess i just picked up that particular date (from...
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    Direct X 11 Graphics Cards

    Hey, ive been itching to get a new card recently but have been fighting my urges for a few reasons: 1. I believe the new nvidia card is due for release around 2nd march, thats really not long to go and if its true it will mean some nice price drops. The ATI dx11 cards have been around for a...
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    Why is Blizzard trying to phish my account?

    ROFL omg blatent phishing account.. IGNORE IT! If u are wondering why i agree its a phishing site look closely at the url: www. worldofwararlft .com (i broke up the url so others DO NOT click it) u play world of war ar lft? isnt it warcraft? or is there a new mmorpg on the scene? :naughty:
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    Battlefield Bad Company 2

    I'm in the beta and enjoying it, quite a few bugs but release is still a month away so dice/ea have plenty of time to get the game running how it should.
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    You wouldn't steal a CD...

    "you wouldnt steal that CD, so why download the CD" The answer is obvious, because they are at a better price There are companies thriving online (games especially EVEN with piracy, eg steam & direct2drive). This also seems like a suitable time to bring up a singer called lily allen, i havent...
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    Crossfire? Not many heated debates here...

    I'm pretty new here and must admit i was thrilled that there was a place for some interesting debate. if there is a well thought out post (or i come across something) i will write when i get a chance!
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    Global Warming: fact or fiction?

    It certainly is a lot to think about. I guess one positive about the whole climate change story is that its not so much about the individual but about the whole. In particular over population and people moving to densely populated areas resulting in higher energy footprints? Unfortunatly there...
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    Global Warming: fact or fiction?

    Interesting points! I think my take is the climate change we are going through is a natural one.. although i am willing to except that due to us dominating most of the planet (together with our pollutants) there is a percentage that we are adding to make it 'unnatural'. I can go green but i...
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    My pc fails to start

    i had a similar problem one time i decided to clean my heatsink. once i put it back into my comp it would just switch off, drove me mad! I figured maybe bad memory or psu had finally given out. Then i decided to check out the temps in my bios (had to be quick though as i didnt have much time...
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    What is the best RPG game?

    Cant argue with that as i felt the same for the first 30minutes, but being a complete "renegade" and the shootouts on missions gave it that kick! Got a good 20 hours of game play in there from me.. Its actually opened me up to more rpgs now, generally the traveling between places had put me off...
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    What is the best RPG game?

    maaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssss effeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeect! Not normally into rpg (i think this counts though) loved the story in it and looking forward to the second one coming out this month!