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    Need tournament board

    The name of the tournament is NHL 08. It is a video tournament with 16 people, 2 people play per game and winner of game 1 plays game 2, winner of game 3 plays game 4, then the winner of those 2 games play, until we get to eventually the finals and the champion
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    Need tournament board

    I need a tournament board for 16 people. There should be 8 slots to start off with on each side and they should go to the middle for the finals. it is winner goes on, so you know how to do it. whoever sends one to will get credits based on how i like it
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    Photoshop banner into picture file? PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!!

    I made a banner using photoshop and need to know how to turn it into a file so it can be used as banners on forums. please help me asap. The first person to give me advice and it works will get credits!!!!!!! thanks
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    Free Moola Invites

    post your email and ill send you one.
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    PowerPoint 2003 Help Needed!! 300 Points

    I need a ton of help for a project using powerpoint. Im offering 300 points. (it wont take long to get them, I promise) THANK YOU. Edit: Anyone??????
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    10 Points To Whoever Can Tell Me The Difference Between Generations Of Psps!!!

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    Tons Of Sports Apparel And Penants For Sale!!!!!!!

    Hey.....Ive got tons of sports stuff, Including lots of pennants. Please let me know which teams you are looking for, and what you are looking for, hats, bracelets, PENNANTS, etc. I have NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB and Soccor. Depending on where you live, the shipping prices will vary, I will give you a...
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    anyone go for MIDNIGHT MASS???

    Hey..... Did anyone go for Midnight Mass?? Tell us about it!!!! Thanks and Happy Holdiays to everybody!
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    Anyone have XBOX 360 games FOR SALE??/

    Hey....Im looking to buy some 360 games. Please post condition, location, and price. You can add me on msn messenger if you like, Im really looking for sports games too, preferebly EA sports and not Sega Sports. Thanks
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    The new Rainbow Six and Ghost Rechon for XBOX 360

    Hey....Im debating where to get my new xbox 360. One store has a package where you get Gears of War which I know is great, and the new rainbow six and ghost rechon. can anyone tell me if these games are any good? Thanks
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    Writing Content and Articles for your Site!!!

    Hi..... Considering that Im not that "computer orientated" and I dont know how to make layouts or any of that stuff, I am offering something new. I will be available to write content for your website. E.G. If you have a site about ps3, I can write the homepage article/introduction, that will get...
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    Arcade On X10

    Hey.....Can you win points in the x10 arcade? how? Thanks
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    Help for YOU TUBE and GOOGLE VIDEO........

    Hey..................... Everytime I try to watch a movie or clip on google video and you tube, it stops, and a pop up comes up stating this.......... Internet Exlporer has encountered a problem with an add-on and needs to close. File: Flash86.ocx Company Name: Macromedia Inc. Description...
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    Money from website

    Hey....Just wondering, can anybody post here and tell me how much money theyve made from there site, how? who sponsers? how long did it take? What kind of site? Thanks
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    Looking for a Flash banner

    Hey.....I need a flash banner for my site, The size should be 800l x 139 h px. I would like it to be either a hockey player scoring at the buzzer, and then it says buzzer beater sports, or a basketball player shooting at the buzzer, etc. It would be nice if you could...
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    my account

    So I cant link my cpanel to my forum account and stuff: 1) it always redirects me to forum homepage 2) I cant login to cpanel 3) I get an error when i go to my site +=======================================+ | Account Details...
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    Selling My Points For Paypal....

    Hey....Im selling my points for Paypal...let me know how many you need and Ill give you a price...thx
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    (req) Already Made Layout

    hey, does anybody have any layouts that theyve already made cuz i need a new one and i would be interested in buying one please post a link and how many points you want thanks....
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    Where do you look on x10??

    Hey, Im just wondering, cuz sometimes im not sure which section i should post my thread in, do people look at "new threads" or just jump to a section that appeals to them, or that they feel like looking at today?
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    newsgroups in microsoft outlook

    hey does anyone know how to open the newsgroups in microsoft outlook 100 points to someone who helps....