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    Please review my Youtube video... and vote for it?

    Hey, I entered one of my youtube videos in a talent contest hosted by Samsung. I would really appreciate if you could take 5 seconds to press the vote button. Thanks so much! Also... what do you think of the video?
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    My "website review" blog.

    Hey my blog is I only have a fiew reviews on there now but theres a lot more to come. You can even submit a site to be reviewed!
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    My new website with product!

    Hey everyone This site used to be an forum but I changed it to a clickbank product page. I'm selling an ebook to help people get more YouTube views. Tell me what you think! Thanks!
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    Review my forum site

    Hey everyone. My site is The point of it is you can promote your stuff for free. Advice? Feedback? Thanks Jeremy
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    Review my site please Advice, Feedback? Thanks so much. If you have a Clickbank account, you can promote this site and earn commission.
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    Looking to swap links with a forum site

    Hey My site is and im looking for another forum site to swap links with. If you have one, please pm me. Thanks
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    Fun Off Topic - My new forum website Fun Off Topic is a new off topic discussion board. Help us out by spreading the word! Many thanks :) Tell us what you think! If there is a forum catagory that you think we should add, don't hesitate to suggest it! Hope you like it! And If you have any suggestions in...
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    Off Topic Forum Site

    Hey everyone, I made a new forum site [snip] and It would be really cool if I could get some feedback/advice. It would also be great if some of you could make acounts and start threads just to make the forum more active :) Thanks for the feedback :)
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    Have you tried 0mlm?

    Hey, 0mlm is a great new site that just came out and I thought I should share it with you guys. 0mlm gives you your own website that can make you a lot of money. It's amazing. Check it out: Regards, Jeremy
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    A new money-making website!

    Hey guys, I found a website that lets you create your own free site of your choice which gets you ranked high in search engines. You get to create 5 money-making websites for free! See for yourself: Hope this earns you a lot of money. I know its going to make me a lot. Thanks Jeremy