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    My site is up but my alias domain says my account is suspended

    Edit: problem resolved (thanks to whoever fixed it.) My website is or The latter URL is working, but the former URL says that the account is suspended. "This Account Has Been Suspended The web hosting account associated with this website has...
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    How do I enable SSL?

    Thank you, Anna! I was able to find that checkbox, and after that everything was very straight forward! After just a few minutes, the https version is working! :)
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    How do I enable SSL?

    When I click SSL Certificates, I get this error message: Cannot Execute Your Request SSL is not enabled for this domain What do I need to do to enable SSL? Thanks!
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    Files not restored on my account (X12 server)

    If possible, I would like the backup file restored to my account. I restored it from my own backup, but I'd really like to have the files from your backup, because of the timestamps. (Long story short, it could help me prove copyright on my original lyrics, if a person who ghosted me ever...
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    Public HTML folder still missing (X12 server)

    Awesome, thank you! I thought it was perhaps another DNS issue, but it was me just not knowing where to put the folder. It's definitely working now. :)
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    Public HTML folder still missing (X12 server)

    I just used FTP to upload my website from my most recent backup, but I'm still getting a 404 error, whether I use my .com or my x10hosting URL. I have no problem with the files being overwritten! I haven't made any changes since before the server issues started. In fact I would rather they...
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    Public HTML folder still missing (X12 server)

    I'm on the X12 server and my public HTML folder is still missing. If this is because X12 just isn't finished yet, I understand the need to wait my turn, no problem (though of course I hope I'm not among the last). I just want to make sure that it wasn't somehow missed in the restoration...
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    Important Server issues all servers.

    Thank you, it's good to know that data has not been lost. Let this be a reminder to everyone to keep your website backed up! I have mine backed up and could restore it in no time via FTP, but I'm glad that I don't have to, and I'm sure that many of us who did not do recent backups can...
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    Unable to access Control Panel

    I'm having a similar issue. I can login, but when I click, "Hosting Control Panel," it never comes up. I also tried to FTP in. I assume that this is due to the server side issues. My website has been down every time I've checked it since yesterday afternoon, though for all I know it may have...
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    Security certificate from not working. NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID. Help!

    Thank you! Just now saw your message. As soon as whatever server issue is happening gets resolved, I'll see if I can get the SSL to work. :)
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    SSL error, problem with certificate. Please help!

    If I visit the SSL (https) version of my website, I get an error, and if I try to click through, it says that Apache is functioning normally; my website doesn't display. If, on the other hand, I type http instead of https, it displays just fine. I read about the Let's Encrypt transition in...
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    Security certificate from not working. NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID. Help!

    The http version of my website is fine, but when I try to visit the https version, I get the following error: Your connection is not private Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). Learn more...
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    Resolved Is down? I can't get in; host not responding

    Would the network admin please make sure the proxy server is working? I tried to FTP into and I also tried to get into Cpanel. I am a little confused because I used to signin to via FTP and that didn't work this time, so I logged in and saw that now I...
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    Resolved Does FTP count as the required login?

    Simple yes/no question. Since Cpanel is different and (to me) harder to use, I am doing all my updates via FTP (I make updates a couple times a week). Is this adequate as my at-least-once-every-30-days login, or do I need to be sure to login via the website as well? I don't want to make a bad...
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    End of the migration?

    I got in just now. So maybe it's over, or maybe they are in the final phase and, one by one, as our accounts complete the process, we should be able to get in.
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    Still waiting for migration

    I am able to get into Directadmin now. I had not tried over the weekend, but tried just now and I'm in, so you should be able to get in soon if not already. I imagine that some accounts will complete migration before others, but in any case, I believe they must be in the final stages of the...
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    Email and cpanel access failing

    I should be able to, and I had a website that only had ftp available for several years. I used WS FTP LE back then, I tried a different one this time and could not figure out how to upload with it. I create web pages in Notepad, I test them in a web browser on a PC before uploading, then after...
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    Email and cpanel access failing

    From my understanding, FTP is working just fine. I hadn't used FTP myself since about 2003, and the client I downloaded was a little bit confusing, but I was able to download my entire website so that I could make offline changes that I can upload when we have a GUI capable of handling those...
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    Email and cpanel access failing

    While I agree that some advance notice would have been extremely helpful, I have to say that I disagree about this being a good way to get rid of free users. Sure, some users might leave because of this issue, but this is about a server migration that is necessary in order to keep the site...
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    I can't enter CPanel Error: Cannot read license file

    cjptomas80, I agree completely and I have all my files on both my PC and a thumb drive, as well as x10host. I also have 48 updates I was going to make earlier this week. I acknowledge that the service is free and I have no right to complain if I am not paying for it. However, I was once a...