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    hi all

    Re: Happy New Year Welcome to x10 hosting! Good Luck!
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    Hi, everybody.

    Welcome and good luck!
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    From the philippines

    Hi and welcome to .x10 Good luck!
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    Welcome and good luck:rolleyes:
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    Hi everyone

    Hi and welcome to x10. Good luck with your site!
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    'Ello there folks

    Good luck with your site!
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    hello! newbie here!

    welcome and good luck with your site!
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    Welcome and good luck
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    internal server error

    My webpage is down again! I'm getting an internal server error when you go to my webpage Please help :rant2:
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    Hi and welcome!;)
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    Get indexed in Google, Yahoo and Windows Live

    Thanks for the great tip Edit: How do you make your signature linkable? Thanks
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    I am totally new here and need help

    Welcome and good luck with your site;)
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    Introducing myself.

    Welcome back and Happy New Year!
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    Hello Everyone, New Guy here (would like ti suggest something)

    Hi and welcome to x10 hosting. Great free website! Good luck with your website :drool:
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    Can't paste google verification code on home page header section

    Hi been trying to paste google meta verification code to my home page head section and before body as instructed by google. However, I can't find the header section and everywhere I paste the google code on that page is rejected and failed attempt. Any suggestions or tips on where to place...
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    google search verification

    I have been trying to add my free site to google search and cannot paste the google verification html code to my homepage as required by google. How can I do this?Everytime I paste it, it doesn't show up when saved and google states that my site is not verified. Thanks for your help.:dunno:
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    Hello All

    Welcome :cool: to .x10!
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    please review my site

    New site. Pleae check it out. Thanks :drool: