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    Download the Windows 7 RC EARLY!

    Windows 7 looks like its better than vista. Im using the theme ;)
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    The Ctrl+V game
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    Count to 1 Million

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    How much RAM do you have?

    1 GB ! Too little for me though Desktop Windows Vista 32 Bit And i play games on this with lag!
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    How old your current computer?

    Only About 1 year old.... Windows Vista 1 gb ram :nuts:
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    Anyone like Pokemon anymore?

    I used to a long time ago! But Not anymore! ;)
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    30 credits to register and post in my forum

    When i click the link, it says 404 file not found :hahano:
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    Im new to x10hosting and so far i think the community is good :cool: cool forums :drool:
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    Get 50 Credits to register and 50 for each day you post!

    signed up as lda and got 4 posts
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    200c to follow photoshop tutorial correctly...

    the tut isnt good or i failed
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    20 Creds to download a 4MB file

    Downloaded and Finished. Proof - line from readme After installing the files restart your internet browser, and then go