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    New VPS Service!

    Can i host torrentflux on the VPS?
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    Logo Designers [1,500 pts]

    Hi designers, i need a logo for my gaming team. Okay, here's the details... - Text in logo: "Xose". You can either design the whole word "Xose" or the alphabet "X". - Logo size, must NOT exceed 400x150 pixels. - Transparent background. - Keep it simple but professional looking. Like EA...
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    Undeletable File

    Somehow i uploaded a file and unable to open nor delete the file. Guess the file just got bugged. :nuts: Acct Username: syahiran File Directory: /public_html/ite FileName: PayPâl.doc Thanks.
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    New Windows Server

    Hi everyone, is it possible for x10 to have a new server with Windows O/S on it so that members can start to host .ASP pages?
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    Account Clarification Needed

    My account was a "Static" plan and was in the sustained server. But since x10 made some changes, and now my account is in the "Ad Enhanced (cossacks)". I refer to the hosting pages, it appears that "Ad Enhanced" is required to put advertisement codes on the site, so does this means i had to put...
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    It works!

    Ok, i think that my account has been transfered successfully from sustained to "Free Server" server as stated in the "Server consolidation and move" thread. I've updated my DNS of my domain, and when i visit my site, the famous "It works!" text appear once again. Should I wait a little longer to...
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    DNS Management

    Is there a DNS Management Tool that i can configure something manually on my domain? Cuz i need it to point my subdomain to an IP and stuff...
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    Domain with custom live domains

    Hi guys, i've just bought my own domain, and im applying the Live Custom domain for my email service. The thing is, i have no idea how to setup a MX Record on my domain, even the steps shown on Live website doesnt help, so i was wondering if any you guys can guide me... Thanks in advanced.
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    Disk quota exceeded

    Hi, i've currently have exceeded my disk space, and when i tried to delete some files, i got this error, it seems that im stuck... I have no idea why it dint warn me when i've exceeded my diskspace via FTP. Erm mind if admins help me out?... Userid: If possible, help me...
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    Server Down or?...

    Erm, can't seem to login my account since yesterday... Just wondering if the server is down or my account got cut off or something... When i viewed my most updated site, i got this, The bold part scares me... lol, i scared my account got deleted >_< Well hope to hear a reply soon... thanks...
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    New Siggy

    Here's my new siggy... Please do rate and comments... And please also do rate my previous siggy, the CS siggy, the one im currenly using as well. Thank you... :hsughwigg
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    Sever down?

    Cant seems to view/login cpanel tho... :sadwavey:
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    What's the meaning of...

    Anyone know the exact, full, meaning of "ALL RIGHTS RESERVED"?... :stupid:
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    Error Pages

    I cant seem figure out how on earth to edit our account error pages. I edited thru the cpanel "Error Pages" but it did no effect. I still got the default error pages with pop-ups, and wats worst is that, some of the pop-ups contains "sex" pictures. :ermm: Can some1 explain how to change it?...
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    Uninstall phpMyChat

    How to uninstall phpMyChat?... Any knows?... Cuz there isn't any [REMOVE] button located in the phpMyChat menu.
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    Slowing Down?

    Izzit juz my site loads slow then it usually do, or does it happens to everyone else too?... :ermm:
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    Google Adsense

    Hey can some1 help me with the google adsense tax info thingy, im kindda n00b in this. Well see, im from Singapore [Asia], and using Google Adsense on my website hosted by x10hosting, the problem is, i dont know which tax form i have to fill in, can some1 point me out to me pls... Thanks in...
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    Chat Room

    Does any1 know any kind of chatroom script that can be easily installed in my acct?... Cuz the one x10hosting provide, both of them doesnt seem to work.:ermm: Edited: Erm, nvm... I found 1 already. Can seem to delete a thread... Sorry..
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    Cant access cpanel

    I got this after i login, Unactivated License File What does that mean?... :ermm:
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    Buy Points?

    Erm juz a suggestion, why not let us buy points, lets say $1 = 200points or so, at the same time, we're helping contribute some money to x10hosting.... :hug: