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    Site Very Slow

    Thanks for the quick reply and help. Ill keep an eye on that thread... you can lock this if you wish
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    Site Very Slow

    Hey, a few weeks ago i was using X10 hosting and my website would load up pretty quickly. For a week or two i took my site down, and i am just uploaded it again and it seems to load up the pages very slow, i dont know if this is a problem on my computer or servers. Is there anyways to make my...
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    Database Help!

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    Database Help!

    Hello,for the past few days i have been trying to fix my forum but have had no luck so hopefully i can fix it here. My problem first started when i deleted a table in my phpbb forum database... the table was called phpbb_users which contains all the user info. I tried to find out here if you...
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    Deleted main table from phpmyadmin

    Ok, thanks for your help anyways :) I'm going to do what you said, and make a new database, install the forum and then import my old forum tables to the new one. Thanks for helping
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    Deleted main table from phpmyadmin

    Hello, i was wondering if free hosting had automatic backups as i accidently dropped a table in phpmyadmin and i messed up my whole forum. I dropped the table phpbb_users. So i wanted to know if you have a backup, or how could i make a new one (i know all the data would be lost) but i dont want...
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    File Permissions in File Manager

    I am having the same problem since 8am, and been trying to figure it out for ages! Would be good to know when it will be fixed? thanks
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    Web designer

    I worked with these people around 2 years ago, and they said the same thing about they cant afford to pay at the moment and later they will. I Started off helping them, and they wanted loads of graphics work done at a very high standard for free.
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    Job Opening for Web Designer

    Sounds good, im gonna apply :)
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    GFX Tutorials

    I have a few gfx sig tutorials, where can i post these. Thanks
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    Join A Graphics Community 1000c+

    Ok thanks, please check the pm on the site aswell. Credits on tha way
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    2 sigs

    They look ok. I feel the first one is messy, and the colours are mono The second one, needs work on the blenign although i like the bg and effects. Try to use gradient maps so that, you can get better colours and better blending. Keep it up!
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    Join A Graphics Community 1000c+

    Hello, I am offering people credits in exchange for to join my forum. I am willing to give 50credits for joining up to the forums, introduce yourself, and post some of your graphics, if you dont do graphics just make two other posts. I am also offering 1000 credits to people who make 50...
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    400 Credits for a Good Gaming Clan/Community Name

    EAU Elite Army Unit CR Concrete Roots CK Concrete Killers
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    Win a $10 iTunes gift card!

    Sounds good! Ima give it ago ;)
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    Web Designer Needed PHP/Java/Flash $20+

    Hello all, I am in the process of creating a new company, for my company i am in need for a professional or an experienced person who know PHP, Java and flash well to make a new website from scratch. I would want the site to have the same functions as and i would...
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    Slice my template

    Thats is not worth it at all. You must pay at least over $15
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    new website for prmotion

    it says $.01
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    Serious Job - Get Paid!

    Hi I have created a small site (which i will not give details yet), in which i need staff from all around the world. They must be able to to speak English and/or the local Language. This job will include alot time, in which we will have meetings and other things, you will need to spend at least...
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    [50 Credits] to Register, and 1 Posts.

    Joined as Smack, and posted twice