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  1. leafypiggy

    What is going on?

    I am looking into these issues.
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    Use Lightspeed Web Server and MariaDB

    Nope. It's not a reverse proxy setup. Litespeed's PHP SAPI ( is used by apache to handle PHP execution. It's faster than normal PHP processing with Apache. And to confirm what Dead-I said, we are using MariaDB on our servers.
  3. leafypiggy

    Use Lightspeed Web Server and MariaDB

    Our Varnish/Apache setup actually utilizes the litespeed PHP SAPI (lsphp_sapi) to run PHP processes, so while it is Varnish/Apache on the frontend, we're using LiteSpeed's "faster" PHP processing. In our internal testing, this setup appeared to be over 1 order of magnitude faster than our...
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    Cpanel button switch do not work

    Please try to access cpanel without using the betternet VPN.
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    Resolved Quick question about images and hosting account

    yeah 1.21Mb is kinda the "worst case" for a JPEG (random colors, full quality, noise... hard to compress). With your 57.4Kb PNGs as an average... you can fit a LOT of images before you'll even think about hitting any limit.
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    Resolved Quick question about images and hosting account

    Good question. I'm going to say "maybe". At 100% quality, a theoretical 506x303 JPEG image is about 1.21Mb. You can get this down even more by compressing the JPG/dropping the quality (there's tons of online tools to do this, and photoshop plugins). I don't think you'll come close to hitting...
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    xo7 Magento "Maximum upload file size: 2 MB" need 5MB

    This should be all set now. Increased to 16M
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    Silver Line Studios

    You also appear to be loading assets from a known malware website.
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    If Modified Since - headers

    Oops! that was a typo. It was a combination of "decrease page load time" and "increase page load speed". ie, decrease the amount of time it takes to load a page, and increase how quickly the page loads. my brain is tired. Thanks for catching that haha
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    If Modified Since - headers

    We do support the Last-Modified header on our servers :) You can check here: We utilize Varnish to cache websites as well, so it will only ever ask the webserver (apache) for content if it is expired within Varnish's cache, or if it is dynamic...
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    It would help if you supplied the DDL for your database table, as well as a full working example of what you're trying to do. You can use code BB tags to put in the code here. ( Moved to Scripts/3rd Party Applications
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    Problems on CSS loading for xo4

    They are both loading the same on my end: Are you still experiencing this issue? Both of the servers are configured in exactly the same way.
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    How to do this?

    $id = $_GET['ads']; //SANITIZE $id, and do something with it (call MySQL with PDO, etc) That's pretty much all it is. How you're getting the records depends on a ton of factors. Moved to Scripts & Third Party Applications
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    Pure SSD Cloud hosting

    I'm not at liberty to divulge any information about our servers in a "cost" respect, but you can check out what SingleHop has to offer at They are the datacenter which we use for the majority of our servers, which are all in a private hardware cloud, that uses SSDs for...
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    Can i host a bitcoin facuet?

    This is not something we can allow on free hosting. I apologize for any inconvenience.
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    Filezilla directory listing to FTP Upload failing

    Where are you trying to sign in from? Are you using a VPN or proxy?
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    PageSpeed Module

    We can't support mod_pagespeed--you would have to make the changes on your own site to optimize for caching, etc. :)
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    503 Service Unavailable

    This appears to be working and my monitoring didn't show any outages last night during this time... are you still having this issue?