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    Mals Gallery

    Render #1. Render #2.
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    20 Credits to vote!

    B, text on A is horrific.
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    [200 points] Website logo Needed

    without knowing what the website is about its hard to come up with a logo, i was presuming something involving money, so heres my effort. 300 points is a bit small as well. A lot of work goes into headers, that alone took a good 2 hours.
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    Mals Gallery

    Two new ones :D Anime: Domo Kun: 2 completely different sigs than ihave ever made D: Comments?
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    [500] Amazing Wallpaper (1280x800)

    Version 1: Simple is always best. :cool:
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    Mals Gallery

    Latest sig, quite impressed with it.
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    Mals Gallery

    Id call it simplistic lol. only took 3 layers XD
  8. M Vs Pandora for me, (username Mallino) Although if people fail at tagging you get some really bad reccomendations ¬_¬
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    Mals Gallery

    Information: Name: Jake Mallin Age: 16 Programme: Adobe Photoshop CS3/4 Experience: 3 Months Requests: Yes PM Influences: Sport _______________________ Wallpapers:   Signatures/Tags: Comments? Obviously after 3 months of...
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    X10Hosting Gamer Tag Listing

    Username: Mallino Real Name: Jake Age: 16 Location: Stoke, England Xbox Live: ScfcMal PSN: None Steam: Mal2506 XFire: None Games: Fifa09