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    Absolut glitches.

    So I installed SilverStripe. But during install it reported that the Apache server is an unknown web server and mod_rewrite was missing. Neither are true. Also, nothing is loading anymore. EDIT: I'm now getting 503 errors, yet FTP seems to be functioning properly, so I guess it's the only...
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    Any game developers out there?

    Pfeh, I wish Epic would release UDK for Mac, as I'm getting into game dev, and I REALLY don't want to use two different engines for one game.
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    not being unsuspended and keep being suspended when not doing anything

    Yeah, each cron counts as a running process AFAIK, that's why most software has only 5-6 built in cron tasks.
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    MODx and x10. Will it work?

    MODx is a fairly good CMS and an excellent alternative to Joomla that I just discovered. However, it's pretty hefty (9999kb zipped) and makes extensive use of js. I'm asking, will it run at the correct speed?
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    Old -> New

    Yes, I am. Why else would I delete the useless crap from my account?:P
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    Old -> New

    Can I get my plan changed please? I've already gone ahead and removed any useless addon domains, ftp accounts etc, etc.
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    Main Domain Change!

    Thanks, I'm used to asking. :P
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    Main Domain Change!

    Hey, could I have my main domain changed to
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    Site for a game me and a few friends are making.

    Mostly it's that I wanted to try the software out for myself, but it also has some very useful functions.
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    Site for a game me and a few friends are making.

    I've actually completely changed the skin of it. A lot more mods have been added, as the lite version of WBB is limited feature-wise. Also, it's supposed to be dark, as the tone of the game itself will be dark.
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    Site for a game me and a few friends are making. The site is about a game to do with assassins we're making. (No, it has nothing to do with Assassin's Creed. :P) I chose to use WBBLite here for a very good reason.
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    Adobe Planning To Sue Apple!!! (Video)

    I use Flash MX and that's it. I HATE Flash anything after 8 because Adobe made it too confusing and slow. Just think if Adobe bought a company like Image-Line or (god forbid) TGC. Adobe has to face the facts here, Apple has every right to not include their bloated POS Flash Player 10 on any...
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    FTP login error "EAI_NONAME - Neither nodename nor servname provided, or not known"

    Re: FTP login error "EAI_NONAME - Neither nodename nor servname provided, or not know This has happened to me before actually. NEVER just click connect with nothing in all boxes. If it saved the last session, click on the arrow beside QuickConnect and click on the ftp info shown at the top of...
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    x10 should really put these at the top of every page for a logged-in user to prevent this question from popping up all the time. :P
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    Could it be that X10servers don`t like Joomla?

    Not true actually. My WBBLite powered site has around 13 requests, mostly JS, and it loads fast even on my low-speed. But yes, 423KB is a bit big for a BG. Are you using JPEG, or something? If you are, don't, convert it to GIF or PNG.
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    Can I get more subdomains?

    I'm asking a very simple question: Is it possible to get more subdomains, or is 3 a hard limit? As it stands right now, I'm at max of everything that really matters aside from space.
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    FTP fails out.

    Okay, I'm in the process of uploading n2 to my account, and FZ throws this error at me half-way through: Usually that's something on your end, so I'm not asking that. I'm asking this: WTF? I thought Absolut was fixed! What's up here? EDIT: Owait, seems to have fixed itself, lock please.
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    game: kill the above user

    You were on that half.
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    game: kill the above user

    You die in a fire. Classic, right?
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    Site down again

    I wasn't before they moved everything. xD I was on Starka before. :P Damn those DDoS bastards, I want my nice, stable server back. :P