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  1. dquigley

    Account says its not suspended in control panel but on site it is

    Account says its not suspended in control panel but on site it has been suspended for a while, I did the auto unsuspend days ago and still nothing D: HELP PLEASE :D
  2. dquigley

    Anyone at least half way decent in Illustrator?

    I have this logo that I created in photoshop but I need it redone in illustrator, preferably nicer. Let me show you a picture and explain my vision. The G is supposed to be a mouse, the A and R are speakers, the M is a keyboard and the E is supposed to be a monitor, if anyone could help me make...
  3. dquigley

    I was a VIP now I'm a Sophmore and my hosting was suspended WTF?!

    Hello I used to pay for hosting at x10 and I was told that I would have permanent forum VIP and would not have to visit the forum to keep my account active, now my hosting was suspended and my account is not VIP anymore, what the heck is going on?
  4. dquigley

    My Personal Portfolio

    Hi, I am going to college for web design and I just started a online portfolio for myself. It isn't 100% completed yet as I still need some testimonials and a couple other things, but I would like for opinions, anything that I could do better and such. Thanks everyone :D...
  5. dquigley

    Will help 3 people with web site, graphics, or others, for testimonials :D

    Hi, I am working on my online portfolio, the link is As you can see I have 3 spots that are for testimonials and/or quotes. I would like to help 3 people with their website, graphic, logo, or anything else I can help with. In return all I would ask for is a...
  6. dquigley

    Flash Player, An Image Gallery, Not loading in php, but loads directly

    Hello, I need help with my portfolio website. The link is I am trying to paste a image gallery flash thing on the page, but it doesnt seem to load. It does however load if u use the direct link to it...
  7. dquigley

    Problems uploading

    Whenever I try and upload files using either filezilla or cpanel it seems to work ok until I upload the file, in filezilla it will say 100% and not copy the file correctly, it even seems to be leaving small corrupt pieces of the files whether I use cpanel or filezilla. This just started...
  8. dquigley

    Fluid 960 Grid System, CSS, Mootools FX.ELEMENTS

    Fluid 960 Grid system can be found here I am using the 16 grid My problem is, I am using it to create a portfolio, but I want to put pictures in the slide box thing called MOOTOOLS FX.ELEMENTS Only problem is, I am not quite there yet in terms of css/mootools coding skills. I do know my way...
  9. dquigley The best resource for online MMO's

    Its still under construction, but has quite a few games on it currently. Will probably be finished soon so bookmark it and check back frequently.
  10. dquigley

    I Need x10 Votes!

    Help me out guys, I put a lot of work into my blog and some of my readers suggested I submit it for an award. Please vote for my blog if you like it! VOTE FOR Computer Surf! We are in 4 seperate categories for 2009 blogger choice awards! Click here to vote! Please vote on all 4 categories.
  11. dquigley

    Who likes my new signature?

    I just made it using a Ascii Text Signature Generator : D Neat!!! I did a blog article on the free tool, click my sig to view it and make your own. Many different "Acii Fonts" and options. Enjoy!
  12. dquigley

    Go Daddy Reviews, Many Say SCAM!

    Guys I read an article the other day that go daddy is being sued by 2 different people right now, one is for stealing copyrighted programs, not only that but they are about to go bankrupt. I do not trust them and the situation they are in so please do some research about what is going on behind...
  13. dquigley

    Computer Tips And Tricks

    Well I started a blog a couple weeks ago. Heres the basic idea. I post a new article every day, each article has to do with computers. All the posts are designed to provide information that is useful in some way. The topics usually range from software, programs, useful sites, tools, tips...
  14. dquigley

    100 Credits To Follow A Blog (Computer Surf)

    I just started a new blog thats main purpose is to give people information and tips on anything to do with computers. Each day I will post some bit of helpful info such as a free program that can help you, a guide on how to do something like use msconfig, or maybe just a review of a cool site or...
  15. dquigley

    White Space In IE But Not Firefox 1k Creds For FIX!

    Hey everybody, I am having trouble with a web site I am working on. In firefox everything is fine, there is no white space, but in internet explorer 7 I am getting 3 big white lines where they shouldnt be. Tables are a pain in the butt, I was wondering if anyone could help me with it? Thanks...
  16. dquigley

    PayPal Mass Pay Form Leads To Blank Page, Paying 1k+ Creds 4 Solution

    Hello, Deadbattery and myself are trying to figure out why a script that I payed someone to create is sending me to a blank page when I click submit. Deadbattery has offered to pay anyone who can help us solve the issue as it is very important. Thank you and below I will attach the files I think...
  17. dquigley

    PayPal Mass Pay

    So paypal was integrated into my site but when I try to use the masspay script I get these errors, any help please? I can provide files if needed.
  18. dquigley

    I Need PHPBB Help!

    Hello, Currently someone has helped me tweak my site so that when someone creates an account on my site the account is also created on the forum, so they are basically linked, here is the code how he did that. // phpBB register part // Retrieve default group ID $sql = 'SELECT...
  19. dquigley

    Lego Building, Destroying, Explosives, Multiplayer?

    Hey guys, I just found a cool free game where you build a world that looks kind of like legos then you and your friends can play over the internet destroying each other AND the world. Have fun and its FREE! If you like the game and/or found this post helpful give me...
  20. dquigley

    PHP Cant Figure Out How To Add Space

    So here is the code, I must be doing something wrong $message = 'Hello, You have recieve this message from, '.$_POST[sender_name].' , who is a member of Dollars To Riches their email address is '.$_POST[sender_email].' they thought you may like to visit our site. Dollars To Riches is a...