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  1. bhupendra2895

    Building a site to sell virtual/digital products

    Hi, Recently I started to develop my first ecommerce site for myself using zend framework, development went smoothly untill I reached to the implementation of shopping cart.For this I decided to download magento and give it a try because it is built on zend framework.Magento Community edition...
  2. bhupendra2895

    Please Close my free hosting account

    cPanel username: bhupendr ( X ) Inserting an X inside the parentheses signifies that I have made all necessary backups of my free hosting account and will not hold x10Hosting responsible for any data I am unable to recover after my free hosting account is deleted. The X also serves as my...
  3. bhupendra2895

    [Apache] Different HTTP status codes for different url parameters

    Hi, When I open above url I get 200 and if I open url below I get 403 HTTP status code. My PHP script uses the url get parameter.Only difference between both urls is only .3gp...
  4. bhupendra2895

    [Joomla 1.5.22] Common Data in Content Articles

    Hi, I have started to learn joomla and I have a question. If we have a site having sections:- audio songs ring-tones video songs And they have categories (belong to sections above respectively) like:- Hollywood Audio Songs Hollywood ring-tones Hollywood video songs Since all categories...
  5. bhupendra2895

    [Server setup]: CName and A record handling

    Hi, I have a site having address and it has a very nice application at /lookup/. So I created a sub-domain having address pointed at /lookup/. Now one of my partner site approached me and they want to use my application at the address .They...
  6. bhupendra2895

    [PHP]: Handling Multidimensonal Array

    I have a array that looks like Array ( [0] => Array ( [link] => http://updated [type] => x10 [vote] => 2 ) [1] => Array ( [link] => http://latest [type] => hosting [vote] => 1 )...
  7. bhupendra2895

    HTML/CSS and firefox 3.6.10

    Hi, In firefox 3.6.10(in ubuntu) html code below renders two links (test 1 and test 2) <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//WAPFORUM//DTD XHTML Mobile 1.0//EN" ""> <html xmlns=""> <head>...
  8. bhupendra2895

    Can't restore mysql database

    I recently installed ubuntu 10.10 on my system.Before doing this I backed up all mysql databases using phpmyadmin.Now after setting development environment in ubuntu 10.10 I can't restore databases.Because the backup.sql contains create procedure for information_schema.So whenever I try to...
  9. bhupendra2895

    Share your opinion about ubuntu 10.10

    Hi, today we are going to see a new version(Maverick or 10.10) of ubuntu.I will download it as soon as it is launched. Are you going to download it as soon as it is launched or going to get it through free shipping or from a friend? Also share your opinion about it after you finish...
  10. bhupendra2895

    Heating Problem

    Hi, my system is heating too much. This is my system specification:- 1)Motherboard:- Asus P5KPL AM/PS 2)Graphics Card:- Palit GeForce® 9400GT Super+1GB (1024MB) 3)Processor:- Intel® Pentium® D Processor 820 4)Hard Disk:- Samsung 80 GB 5)RAM:- 1GB 667MHZ DDR2 6)Cabinet:- Intex(It...
  11. bhupendra2895

    Updates of subscribed thread through email not working

    Since last major update of x10hosting forum, I am not recieving updates of subscribed threads through email.I have checked settings in my user cp and everything looks correct.I think other members may be facing the same issue?
  12. bhupendra2895

    Can't add new friends in forum

    When I joined this forum I was able to add new friends, but since few months, whenever I visit a profile of a user I can't see the option to add them as friend. This happens for all user profiles I visit, not any specific profiles.
  13. bhupendra2895

    Handling of blocked videos retrieved through youtube video feed

    Hi, The Problem:- I am creating a youtube application(for mobile browsers) in zend framework(PHP) to learn the basics of framework.I have created a search form which uses GET method.So when user enters a query the api fetches the data from youtube server and parse it.So I can display it to...
  14. bhupendra2895

    Converting static HTML website to dynamic PHP website

    Hi, I have a static html site with 1339 html pages.I want these pages to be converted into php pages.These static html pages have some common header and footer elements. I know that I can change extension of all files, but I want to place dynamic banners in header and footer...
  15. bhupendra2895

    Two forum accounts allowed?

    Is two forum accounts allowed for the same person? I see so many threads with same person having two user names. Is it due to the fact that, they got suspended in past due to zero tolerance policy defined in terms and conditions, so they created a new free hosting account? If it is...
  16. bhupendra2895

    Problems with Zend framework's zend_tool in Ubnutu in xampp

    I have installed xampp in Ubuntu 10.04.I want to use zend framework for development of my website. For this I downloaded zend framework minimal from I have included library folder in php.ini.But when I ran following commands for using zend_tool i received errors. sudo...
  17. bhupendra2895

    Best Linux Distribution

    We all people have different tastes and different choices based on our nature.When it come to Linux you have so many flavors to taste.Which we call distributions of Linux.Each distribution have same thing called Linux's kernel, but what makes them is different is, their features. In my opinion...
  18. bhupendra2895

    Forum doesn't authenticate users if we open

    Whenever I type instead of it asks me to login.Most browsers, specially those on handhelds and mobile phones often include WWW in address bar, so users can type the domain name instantly and open the site, but here for opening forums...
  19. bhupendra2895

    Ownership of site in google webmaster tools using TXT

    I have added my site in google webmasters tools and decided to prove ownership using txt record.For that I created this record in cPanel's advanced DNS zone editor:- | 14400 | IN | TXT | "unique key" Entry of txt record was successful at...
  20. bhupendra2895

    Which mobile browser is best for browsing web?

    Mobile phones are part of our day to day life and most of the people uses web browsers to access information.Almost every mobile phone ships with built in web browser.But now inbuilt mobile browser is being replaced by some great mobile browsers.We can see there is hard competition is going on...